Edōsdi (Judy Thompson)

Edōsdi (Judy Thompson)
Associate Professor
Indigenous Education
Office: MAC A259
Area of expertise

Indigenous language revitalization; Indigenous languages and health and wellbeing; Indigenous research methodologies; Indigenous based curriculum and pedagogy; decolonizing and Indigenizing teacher education.

Edōsdi has been in the education profession since 1994. She is a trained school teacher and has taught students of all ages, from children to Elders. She has taught a wide range of courses, from First Nations Studies, Education, Math, Geography, and Physics.

Edōsdi provide students with opportunities to work with and learn from Elders and community members and to step outside the confines of the classroom with hands-on experiential learning. She also brings community members and scholars into the classroom, either in person or via technology. 

Edōsdi's research interests are primarily in

  • Indigenous language revitalization and reclamation,
  • Indigenous Language Education
  • Indigenous research methodologies and community-based research
  • Indigenization of the Academy
  • Indigenous knowledge systems
  • Indigenous curricula and pedagogy