Undergraduate studies

Find your edge in UVic's Department of Indigenous Education.

Indigenous education programs

The Department of Indigenous Education at UVic offers undergraduate programming to support language revitalization, teacher education programming, and to further Indigenization, Indigenous perspectives, decolonization and Indigenous education. Courses and programming are offered both on-campus, and off-campus, and are driven by Indigenous community need and request.

On-campus undergraduate Indigenous education programming

The following on-campus Indigenous Education undergraduate programs and courses are available throughout the year:



Undergraduate Indigenous language revitalization programming (community-based)

The Department of Indigenous Education at UVic offers the following community-based programsthat seek to support communities to retain their language, through education programming.:

To honour and support the language revitalization goals and work being undertaken In Indigenous communities across BC and Canada, the delivery of most of these programs is held within the territory of the partnered community.