Indigenous Education

Onowa McIvor by the water

Our research

As part of the NEȾOLṈEW̱ project, Onowa McIvor is working with a network of Indigenous-led organizations to strengthen efforts to revive Indigenous languages. She is at SAḴE, the SENĆOŦEN name for the Cadboro Bay/Mt. Tolmie area.

Students working at a clam garden by the ocean

Language revitalization undergraduate programs

Students in the W̱SÁNEĆ cohort of the Bachelor of Education in Indigenous Language Revitalization program visit Russell Island clam garden restoration project during a science teaching class.

Undergraduate programs
Students in a gallery looking at a work of art on the wall

Teacher education

Summer Institute students visited Legacy Gallery to learn about contemporary Indigenous art, part of learning how to bring Indigenous perspectives, knowledges, and traditional ways of teaching and learning into the classroom.

Undergraduate programs
Graduate students blanketed and lined up outside the First Peoples House

Language revitalization graduate programs

Our graduate Indigenous language revitalization programs help students develop skills for successful language projects in community and leadership, including in recovery, revitalization and maintenance of Indigenous languages.

Graduate program
Kendra Underwood in an office

Community partners

Community partners are an essential part of our programs. SȽEMXÁMTENOT / Kendra Underwood is the director of the Saanich Adult Education Centre and helps facilitate the W̱,SENĆOŦEN IST Diploma in Indigenous Language Revitalization.

Alumna Lucy Bell looking at Haida hats in a museum

Career possibilities

Masters in Indigenous Language Revitalization alumna Lucy Bell / Sdaahl K’awaas, a member of the Haida Nation, is the first Head of First Nations and Repatriation for the Royal BC Museum.

Career possibilities

Honouring Indigenous ways of learning and teaching

UVic Indigenous Education is committed to:

  • meeting the Indigenous language revitalization needs of Indigenous communities,
  • educating both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in Indigenous ways of knowing and being,
  • making our learning environment more welcoming to Indigenous people.

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