Support us

Often there are organizations and/or persons who provide financial donations to the Faculty of Education and the Department of Indigenous Education. Below is a list of suggested donations and ways to support our students, departments and communities. Every donation can make a difference. 

  • $50 will purchase a Thrifty Foods card for a student in need
  • $100 will bring an Indigenous guest speaker for students to benefit from their knowledge and/or life story
  • $200 will bring an Indigenous Elder to provide an opening/closing for an event
  • $200 would provide emergency funding for one student in need
  • $3000 would bring Indigenous guests into all Indigenous Education courses for one year
  • $10,000 would bring Indigenous guests into all Faculty of Education courses for one year
  • $15,000 year would support one student for one year to work with a Mentor to learn their language
  • $20,000 would transform public and learning spaces in the Faculty of Education to better reflect local Indigenous peoples and teachings of this territory
  • $20,000 year would provide Faculty of Education students the opportunity to offer afterschool tutoring in local First Nations communities
  • $150,000 would support 10 ten students or one year to work with a Mentor to learn their language

If you wish to donate to our programming, we lift our hands with many, many thanks!

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