Graduate research

Our Master's in Indigenous Language Revitalization (MILR) graduate students have completed the following theses and projects:

MILR theses

MILR projects

MORIN, Randy, 2018 - Discovering new pathways to old teachings: The Paul Creek Method of Second Language 


GWA'AMUUK, Cheyenne, 2017 - Sharing Sim Algyax: Creating a user-friendly website for sharing language resources

MANTLA, Rosa, 2017 - Mǫ ht’a Go ehk’ǫ

MORRIS, Kāshā Julie Anne, 2017 - K’asba’e T’oh: Sustaining the Intergenerational Transmission of Tāłtān

NICOLSON, Deanna, 2017 - Ikawegi'lakw (the) Maker of Good Things

UNDERWOOD, David, 2017 - SX̱ENIEṈ YEW̱ ȻNEs I, TW̱E SENĆOŦEN?— How is it that I have come to speak SENĆOŦEN?: My Reflections on Learning and Speaking SENĆOŦEN

ANDERSON, Aiona, 2016 - I Hear My s-kíx-zeʔ (Mother’s) Voice Empowering Me to Relearn Nłeʔkepmxcin

BELL, Lucy, 2016 - Xaad Kilang T'alang Dagwiieehldaang

BRANT, Joe, 2016 - ENTEWÀ:RON’K "We Will Be Speakers"

BROWN, Joan, 2016 - Culture is lived, language give it life

CHILD, Sara, 2016 - Awi’nakola: We are One with the Land and Sea

DANIELS, Deanna, 2016 - xwi'xwi'em': My Hul'q'umi'num' Storytelling Journey

FOXCROFT, Dawn, 2016 - saač’inkin huuḥtakšiiḥ (We are Always Learning Together); Advancing nuučaan̓uł Adult Learners Through Peer-Support

HARRIS, Pearl, 2016 - Lesson Plans for Teaching Resources in a Hul'q'umi'num' Junior Kindergarten

JIM, Jacqueline, 2016 - W̱SÁNEĆ SEN: I am emerging

REID, Stephen, 2016 - Reclaiming Dákwanjè for my Family, for my People

RORICK, Layla 2016 - wałyaʕasukʔi naatnaniqsakqin: At the Home of our Ancestors: Hesquiaht Second Language Immersion on Hesquiaht Land

STACEY, Kahtehrón:ni Iris, 2016 - Ientsitewate’nikonhraié:ra’te Tsi Nonkwá:ti Ne Á:se Tahatikonhsontóntie - We Will Turn Our Minds There Once Again, To the Faces Yet To Come

THORBURN, Britt, 2016 - Another Piece of the Puzzle: The Importance of Supporting Indigenous Language Revitalization in the Home

TUTCHO, Laura, 2016 - Ets'ulah:  The language is like ets'ulah

BILLY, Janice, 2015 - Exploring the use of traditional Secwepemc stories to teach language

HILL, Callie Jane, 2015 - Kanyen’ke’ha: Awakening Community Conciousness

REID, Stephen, 2015 - Reclaiming Dákwanjè for my Family, for my People

SUTTON, Trena, 2015 - Being T’Sou-ke: What it means to me to be T’Sou-ke ŚW̱ ЌÁLEC̸EN: My inner thoughts

TATTI, Fibbie, 2015 - The Wind Waits For No One: Nı̨hts’ı Dene Ası̨́ Henáoréhɂı̨́le Ǫt’e: Spirituality in a Sahtúgot’ı̨nę Perspective

NAPOLEON, Art, 2014 - Key terms and concepts for exploring Nîhiyaw Tâpisinowin the Cree worldview


BLANEY, Gail, 2010 - šɛgatč tətᶿ ǰɛʔaǰɛ I will honor my family by living my language