Ian O'Connell

Ian O'Connell
Teaching Professor

On leave

Office: DTB B322

PhD (Victoria)

Area of expertise


My qualifications in Geomatics are founded in a Bachelors degree in Geography and Computer Studies and a Masters degree (1st Class Honours) in Urban Historical Geography from University College Cork, Ireland.


My Master's research involved the application of computers, computer mapping and GIS to historical documents, and the creation of a social geography for an Irish Town from Viking times to the beginning of the 20th Century.

After completion of my Masters, I worked as a research assistant on a European-funded GIS and Coastal Zone Management project. I was responsible for database design and the integration of multiple and diverse datasets.

My experiences employing GIS in this context encouraged me to further my academic career at the University of Victoria, where I was the recipient of a Three Year Doctoral Fellowship. My doctoral research focused on the application of GIS and geomatic technologies to land valuation. It explored the development of a web-based Collaborative Spatial Decision Support System to enable local stakeholders to participate in planning initiatives.


I am presently a Teaching Professor for Geomatics.


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