Graduate studies

Bethany Coulthard
Bethany Coulthard's PhD work in the UVic Tree Ring Laboratory shows that southern BC is very likely to be hit by a drought worse than we have experienced in hundreds of years.

Why choose UVic?

Pursue a Master's (MA and MSc) and PhD degrees that's tailored to your research interests. With us, you'll make great connections with local and international research partners. 

UVic's location on southern Vancouver Island gives you access to marine and alpine ecosystems, freshwater wetlands, rivers, lakes and the temperate rainforest. Our graduate students are also involved in international research projects around the world.

We have research strengths in:

  • coastal systems
  • human geography
  • physical geography
  • resource management
  • geographic information sciences

For more information, see our program information and graduate student handbook.

What are our faculty studying?

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