Chris Darimont in a forest

Chris Darimont's research shows how extreme human predatory behavior is responsible for widespread wildlife extinctions, shrinking fish sizes and disruptions to global food chains.

Costa on a BC Ferry looking at a monitor with two other people

Passengers are helping UVic geographer Maycira Costa and grad students understand ocean health and declining salmon populations in the Salish Sea.

Prowse at a small lake near Inuvik, NWT

Terry Prowse is researching the interplay of temperature and snow in the mountains and how it has a huge impact on our lives.

Waste pickers in Dhaka

Jutta Gutberlet is leading the Participatory Sustainable Waste Management project, which examines the health risks and livelihoods of waste pickers in Bangladesh.

Levi Hildebrand behind a video camera outdoors

Undergraduate student Levi Hildebrand says combining his two passions, geography and film making, to share research is very inspiring.

Our vibrant research program

Geography faculty members conduct research all over the world, from re-introducing tigers into south China to empowering the "binners" in Victoria, BC and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Our research laboratories were established and are managed by faculty to carry out specific research programs. All labs include graduate student work stations.

Research projects