Lecture series

Unless otherwise specified, all lectures will take place at 2:15 pm (refreshments) / 2:30 pm (lecture) in Room B215 of the David Turpin Building.

September 29 (2:00-3:00pm) - David Atkinson (Professor & Department Chair, Geography, UVic) - "Building Northern Resilience: Community solutions and the Federal Environmental Prediction Services"

October 16 (2:30-4:00pm; Ceremonial Hall, First Peoples House) Special Seminar co-hosted with UVic English - 'Cúagilákv (Jess Housty) (UVic Geography) - Book launch: "Crushed Wild Mint"

September 16 - Deondre Smiles (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, UVic) - "Paul Bunyan and te Settler Colonial Whitewashing of Indigenous Environments" (Abstract)

October 21 - TBA

November 18 - TBA

January 10 – Kate McAnally (Sessional Lecturer, Department of Geography, UVic) – Unpiloted aerial vehicles (UAVs) as a remote sensing platform to estimate the velocity of flood water (abstract)

January 31Gillian Krezoski (Senior Lab Instructor, Geography, UVic) – We had the roaring twenties, now we have the roving twenties (abstract)

February 7 – Geography Co-op Students (Faculty of Social Sciences, UVic) – Geography and the working world: How co-op experiences bring Geography to life (abstract)

February 28Leandro Giatti (Associate Professor, Public Health, U. of Sao Paulo) – The water-energy-food nexus as a challenge for integrating scales and practices: A perspective to deal with anti-dialogical structures (abstract)

March 20 – CANCELLED: Rosemary Collard (Assistant Professor, Geography, SFU) and Jessica Dempsey (Associate Professor, Geography UBC) – How does the environmental state keep nature cheap? (abstract)

March 27 – CANCELLED: Geography Grad Students (Geography, UVic) – The future of geography: A peek into graduate student research (abstract)

April 3 – CANCELLED: Derek Alderman (Professor, Geography, U. of Tennessee) – The maps behind the movement: African-American freedom struggles as geographical work (abstract)

September 13 (7:00pm), HHB 105, Lansdowne Scholar – Laura Dassow Walls (Graduate Program in History and Philosophy of Science, Notre Dame University, USA ) – On Humboldt's Planet: Cosmos, Gaia, and the Coming of the Anthropocene

September 14 (8:30am-5:00pm), HHB 105, Colloquium – Facing the Anthropocene with Alexander von Humboldt's Views of Nature, celebrating Alexander von Humboldt's 250th Anniversary

October 4 – Geography Co-op Student Presentations (Geography Co-op, UVic) – Geography and the working world: How co-op experiences bring Geography to life

October 18Christopher Bone (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, UVic) – It’s complex (not complicated)! Geography and the world’s big environmental problems

November 1Randy Scharien (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, UVic) – Scaling the great Arctic sea ice pyramid during a period of rapid change

November 22 Reuben Rose-Redwood (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, UVic) – From Cartesian spaces to decolonizing the map: Becoming a geographer in the 21st century

November 29 Chris Darimont (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, UVic) – Resource management by humans and other predators

September 14Peter M. Haswell (Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD Candidate, School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University, UK) – Adaptive behaviour can permit coexistence between predators (abstract)

September 19 - Special Lecture - Madhura Yadav (Director, School of Architecture & Design Manipal University, Jaipur) - Experiences and challenges of community participation in urban renewal projects: A case study of Bhendi Bazzar, Mumbai, India (abstract)

September 21 – Geography Co-op Students (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Victoria) – Geography and the working world: how Geography comes to life during co-op experiences

September 28Sophia Carodenuto (Assistant Professor – Limited Term, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) – Zero deforestation cocoa in West Africa: Interaction between public and private governance (abstract)

October 12 Johan Feddema (Professor and Chair, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) – Future directions and initiatives in Geography

October 19 – David Atkinson (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) - Northern weather and climate: Impacts on end-users (abstract)

October 26 Ted Rutland (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Concordia University) – Displacing Blackness: Planning, power and race in twentieth-century Halifax (abstract)

November 2 Katie Meehan (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Oregon) – Plumbing poverty in America: Mapping hot spots of racial and geographic inequality in household water provision (abstract)

November 23 – A pair of research talks: 1) Dr Fernanda Giannini (Post-Doctoral Researcher, Geography, UVic) - Use of ocean-colour satellites to assess bigeochemical properties along British Columbia and Southeast Alaska (abstract); 2) Dr Vishnu Nandan (Post-Doctoral Researcher, Geography, UVic) Salt in snow: A "villain" affecting the accuracy of Arctic sea ice thickness estimates from radar satellites? (abstract)

November 30 - Gabrielle Kissinger (Principal, Lexeme Consulting, Vancouver) - Governance that considers the environment: How to bring Science into policy making to promote better land use (abstract)

January 11  Thomas Reimchen (Department of Biology, UVic) – Very rapid phenotypic and genomic evolution in Haida Gwaii Stickleback (abstract)

January 18 – Daqing Yang (Research Scientist, Environment & Climate Change Canada) – Arctic hydro-climatic regimes and changes in a warming climate (abstract)

January 25 – Nina Hewitt (Department of Geography, UBC) – Variable constraints on climate-induced species range shifts in alpine and flat landscapes: Shrinking habitat versus limited dispersal (abstract)

January 31 – Tal Svoray (Geography & Environmental Development, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) – The effect of nature on happiness: Impressions from social network data analysis (abstract)

February 1 – Geography Co-op Student Presentations (Geography Co-op, UVic) – Geography and the working world: How co-op experiences bring geography to life

February 8 (10:15am), Lansdowne Scholar – Jonathan Kramer (Director for Interdisciplinary Science, University of Maryland) – Building capacity for socio-environmental research and problem solving (abstract)

February 8 –  Sara Harris (Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, UBC) – Climate science education: For whom? For what? How? (abstract)

February 15 – Mareike Kroll (Geography, University of Cologne, Germany) – Urban health challenges in India: Understanding health inequities and generating evidence for public health policies (abstract)

March 1 – Roberta Hawkins (Geography, Environment, and Geomatics, University of Guelph) –Everyday development responsibilities: Geographies of care and consumption (abstract)

March 22 – Benjamin Cashore (Environmental Governance & Political Science, Yale University) –Policy learning for 'super wicked' problems: Uncovering bottom up solutions for ameliorating the global climate crisis (abstract)

September 15 – Geography Co-op Students (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Victoria) – Geography and the Working World: how Geography comes to life during co-op experiences

September 22 – Susan Kerr (Sustainability Coordinator, Campus Planning & Sustainability) – Green is the New Black: campus sustainability tour

September 29 – John Harper (Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) – Diluted Bitumen and Shorelines (abstract)

October 13  Kirsten Zickfeld (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University) – Carbon Budgets Consistent with 1.5°C, 2.0°C Climate Goals: what are they and how difficult is it to achieve them? (abstract)

October 20  Simon Springer (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) – Violence and Neoliberalism, and Anarchism, Oh My! A geographical research agenda (abstract)

October 27  Anton Tantner (Lecturer, Department of History, University of Vienna) – Of Pillars, Benches and Beds: the cultural technique of numbering space (abstract)

November 3 – Jeremy Venditti (Professor, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University) – Flow in Bedrock Canyons and Implications for Morphology (abstract)

November 10 – Maycira Costa (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) – Biogeochemical Dynamics of Rivers, Wetlands, and Coastal Ecosystems (abstract)

November 24  Two Research Presentations

January 19  Dr. Edwin Nissen (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, UVic) – Illuminating Earthquakes Using Remote Sensing (abstract)

January 26 - Dr. Lauren McWhinnie (Geography, UVic) – Marine Noise: vessels and whales (abstract)  | Dr, Karyn Suchy (Geography, UVic) Variations in Phytoplankton and Zooplankton in the Salish Sea: implications for salmon health and survival (abstract)

February 2 – Geography Co-op Students (Faculty of Social Sciences, UVic) – Geography and the Working World: how Geography comes to life during co-op experiences

February 7, 6:30 pm, DSB C118  LANSDOWNE LECTURER Dr. Eileen Antone (Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto) – Residential School Experience for the Original Children of Canada: Truths are essential for reconciliation (abstract)

February 9  Dr. Eileen Antone (Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto) – Wellness as Decolonization (abstract)

February 23 – Dr. Sarah de Leeuw (Northern Medical Program, UNBC) – Unsettling Decolonizing Geographies (co-authored with Sarah Hunt) (abstract)

March 2  Dr. Crystal Tremblay (Geography, UVic) – Community-based Research in Water Governance: international trends and insights from two case studies in urban Africa (abstract)

March 9 – Dr. Eugene McCann (Geography, SFU) – Referencescapes and Public Space: futures, pasts, and elsewheres in contemporary urban politics (abstract)

March 16  Bridging the Gap – Undergraduate and Graduate Geography Student Conference (in DTB B215 and DTB B307 - all day!) - SCHEDULE

March 22 – Dr. Jim Estes (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, U. of California - Santa Cruz) – Megafauna: when, where, and why they matter (in HSD 240 - refreshments @ 4:30 pm; lecture @ 5:00 pm)

March 23  Dr. Jim Estes (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, U. of California - Santa Cruz) – Predators and Food Web Dynamics: pattern and process in space and time

September 16  Laura Parisi (Associate Professor, Departments of Gender Studies and Political Science, University of Victoria) – Basket Case: Women’s empowerment, fair trade, environmental sustainability, and international development (abstract)

September 23 – Geography Co-op Students (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Victoria) – Geography and the Working World: How Geography comes to life during co-op experiences (abstract)

September 30  Mike Wulder (Senior Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service) – Disturbance and Recovery of Canada’s Forests: Monitoring with satellite data (abstract)

October 14  Adam T. Ford (Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, UBC Okanagan Campus) – The Mechanistic Pathways of Trophic Interactions in Human-Occupied Landscapes (abstract)

October 21  Phil Dearden (Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) – Marine Conservation in Myanmar: A very geographical tale (abstract)

October 28 – No lecture

November 4  Russell Markel (PDF, Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability, UBC (Alumni), and President, Outer Shores Expeditions) – Digging Deep into the History and Ecology of the Human-driven Near Extinction of a North Pacific Marine Predator (abstract)

November 11 – No lecture

November 18 – Adam Monahan (Professor, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria) – What Do We Know About Near-surface Winds, And How Do We Know It? (abstract)

November 25  Paul Kingsbury (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University) – UFO Conferences as Centres for Learning and Teaching (abstract)

December 2 – Vera Pospelova (Associate Professor, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria) – Tracing Eutrophication in Coastal Waters of North America: Sedimentary records of phytoplankton (abstract)

January 13  Ian McKechnie (Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria) – Towards an historical ecology of domestic dogs, wolves, and other canids on the Pacific Northwest Coast (abstract)

January 20 – Geography Grad Students (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Victoria) – Emerging graduate research findings: Geography grad students share their fascinating research in 3-5 minute presentations (abstract)

January 27 – Geography Co-op Students (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Victoria) – Geography and the working world: How Geography comes to life during co-op experiences (abstract)

February 3  Denise Cloutier (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, and Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health, University of Victoria) – When I grow up I want to live in a nursing home: Why the care of older adult populations should concern us all (abstract)

February 10 – No lecture

February 17 – No lecture

February 24  Zoltán Grossman (Professor, Geography and Native American & World Indigenous Peoples Studies, Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington) – Mapping, Indigenous research ethics, and the “Global War on Tribes” (abstract)

March 3 – No lecture

March 10  Jane Watson (Biology Faculty, Vancouver Island University) – Sea otters, kelp forests, and natural variation: some questions of scale (abstract)

March 17  Chui-Ling Tam (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Calgary) - Notes on a caribou hearing: spatial marginalization through participatory democracy in western Nunavut (abstract)


September 18 – Troy Sebastian (Special Projects Coordinator, Ktunaxa Nation Council) – Qat'muk: Where the Grizzly bear goes to dance (abstract)

September 25 – Elvin Wyly (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia) – Where is an Author? New geographies of knowledge production (abstract)

October 2 – Jennifer Bagelman (Sessional Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) – Politics of Paddling: Turning the tide on extractivist development  (abstract)

October 7 (Wednesday) – Lilian Alessa (Director, Center for Resilient Communities, University of Idaho) – Using Community Based Observing Networks and Systems (CBONS) for Adaptation to Global and Environmental Change (abstract)

October 16 – Thomas James (Geological Survey of Canada, Pacific Division) – Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in British Columbia (abstract)

October 23 – Linda Geggie (Associate, Office of Community Based Research, University of Victoria) – Vision Sandown: An opportunity for applied geography – Presentation and discussion

October 30 – Nick Claxton (Indigenous Education, University of Victoria) - ȻENTOL TŦE TEṈEW̱ (Together with the Land): Geography from the local Straits Salish Perspective (abstract)

November 6 – No lecture

November 13 – No lecture

November 18 (Wednesday, at 4:00 pm in HSD A240) – Michael Soulé (Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies, University of California - Santa Cruz) – The Anthropocene: Nature's Final Bow? (abstract)

November 20 – Leslie Saxon (Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria) – Linguist Meets Geography: Documenting Tłı̨chǫ knowledge of place through place names (abstract)

November 27 – Doug Bancroft (Visiting Scientist and Sessional Instructor, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria) – Satellite Earth Observations in Support of Arctic Operations and Environmental Stewardship (abstract)

January 22 – Diana Cordoba (Postdoctoral Research Associate, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York) – Participation, Politics, and Technology: Agrarian development in postneoliberal Bolivia (abstract)

January 29 – CANCELLED

February 5 – Sarah Dudas (Canada Research Chair, Shellfish Ecosystems Interactions Research Program, Centre for Shellfish Research, Vancouver Island University) – Seaweed Strife: Ecological, commercial, and social perspectives on the invasion of the Red Alga, Mazzaella japonica (abstract)


February 19 – Ahmad Shakibaeinia (NSERC Fellow, Water & Climate Impacts Research Centre, University of Victoria / Environment Canada) – Mesh-free Computing: Powerful modelling tool for violent hydro-environmental and geophysical flows (abstract)

February 26 – Frank Duerden (Adjunct Professor, Geography Department, University of Victoria) - Captain Scott's Selfie (abstract)

March 4 – Toby Rollo (Postdoctoral Fellow, Political Science Department, UBC) - Why Talk is Cheap: Voice, land, and the decolonization of democracy (abstract)

March 11 – Lisa Helps (Mayor, City of Victoria) - Happy Politics: City Making in the 21st Century 

March 18 – Students from GEOG 407 - SHIFT Happens: Decolonizing sense of place and co-learning through grassroots pedagogy (abstract)



September 12 – Steve Herbert (Professor, Law, Societies, and Justice Program, and Department of Geography, University of Washington) - Fear and Loathing in the San Juan Islands: Endangered Orcas and the Legitimacy of Environmental Law (abstract)

September 19 – Vic Derman (Saanich Councillor) – The Natural City (abstract)

September 26 – Nathaniel K. Newlands (Research Scientist, Science and Technology, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) – Probabilistic Forecasting of Agricultural Crop Yield Under Environmental Uncertainty (abstract)

October 3 – Shalini Kashyap (WCIRC) – River Engineering: Applications and Insights (abstract)

October 10 – Matthew G. Asplin (Research Scientist, ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.) –Cyclone Forcing of Dynamic and Thermodynamic Processes in Arctic Sea Ice and Across the Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere Interface (abstract)

October 17 – NO SPEAKER

October 24 – NO SPEAKER

October 31 – Lance Lesack (Professor, Geography and Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University) – Great River Deltas as Keystone Arctic Ecosystems and Recent Changes in the Mackenzie Delta (abstract)

November 7 – Kathy Ferguson (Professor, College of Social Sciences, University of Hawai’i at Manoa) – Anarchism, Women, and Public Space (abstract)

November 14 – NO SPEAKER – Reading Week

November 21 – Meg Holden (Associate Professor, Urban Studies and Geography, Simon Fraser University) – Eco-urban Neighbourhoods and the Prospect of Sustainability Transformations (abstract)

November 28 – Aerin Jacob (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Geography Department, University of Victoria) – Would You Like Carbon or Chimps With That? Conserving Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in African Rainforests (abstract)

January 9 – Kristin Morell (Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria) – GIS, Geology, and Geomorphology (abstract)

CANCELLED - January 16 – Elvin Wyly (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia) – Where is an Author? (abstract)

January 23 – Christian Seiler (Post-Doctoral Researcher, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, University of Victoria) – Explosive Cyclones in CMIP5 Climate Models

January 30 – Tara Martin (Research Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - CSIRO, Australia) – Conservation Decision Science: Making Better Use of Scarce Resources (abstract) NOTE: Location changed to DTB A104

February 6 – Eliot Tretter (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Calgary) – Live Music, Intercity Competition, and Branding (abstract)

February 13 – NO SPEAKER

February 20 – Lisa Helps (Mayor of Victoria) – Cities and Politics in the 21st Century (abstract) NOTE: Location changed to DTB A104

February 27 – Shannon Fargey (Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria) – Characterizing Cloud and Precipitation Features in the Eastern Canadian Arctic Using a Research Aircraft (abstract)

March 6 – Eric Peterson (Hakai Institute Co-founder) – Technology in Support of Science on the Coastal Margin (abstract)

March 13 – Michael Truscello (Assistant Professor, Mount Royal University) –Infrastructure and the Suicidal State (abstract)

March 20 – Caroline Fox (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Geography Department, University of Victoria) – Where The Wild Things Are: Marine Bird Distributions, Densities, and Assessments of Risk on Canada’s Pacific Coast (abstract)

March 27 – Robert Long (Senior Conservation Fellow, Woodland Park Zoo) – The Cascades Carnivore Connectivity Project: Assessing Landscape Connectivity and Detecting Rare Species in Washington’s North Cascades Ecosystem (abstract)



September 20: Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, School of Public Administration, UVicBorders Here, There, Everywhere: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Border and Borderland Studies

September 27: Eric Taylor, Ministry of Environment, Air Quality in BC

October 4: Louise Johnson, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University, Australia, Class, place and culture: Moving out of poverty in Northern Geeolong, Australia

October 11: Vicky Lawson, Department of Geography, University of WashingtonA Crisis of Care and a Crisis of Borders: A Politics of the Global Intimate

October 18: Layla Abdel Rahim, Modern Languages, University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres, The Ship of Fools as a Place of Spectacle, Healing, and Education where the Wild are Sent to Die

November 1: Richard Mackie, BC Studies, UBCStump to Dump: The Logging Process on Vancouver Island, 1910-1945

November 8: Frank Duerden, Department of Geography, UVic, Land Use Planning in the Yukon: The Promise and the Failure

November 15: Nicholas Lynch, Department of Geography, UVic, "Prepare to be Converted!": Redundant Worship Spaces as Loft Living in the Post-Secular City 

November 22: Lawrence Berg, Centre for Social, Spatial & Economic Justice, University of British Columbia OkanaganHierarchical Space: Geographers, Governmentality, and Neoliberalism

January 31: Nancy Turner, Distinguished Professor, School of Environmental Studies, UVic - “Plant use and knowledge by First Nations peoples

February 7: Jim Gardner, Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography, UVic - "Rockfall, warmer temperatures and risk in high mountain recreation"

February 21: Jim Gower, Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography, UVic, "A sea-surface-height control barrage at the Strait of Gibraltar"

February 28: Sarah de Leeuw, Department of Geography, University of Northern British Columbia, "Small Grounds: Intimate domestic geographies and colonialism in British Columbia"

March 14: Ian Baird, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Revisiting the Xe Bang Fai River in Laos: Assessing the downstream impacts of the Nam Theun 2 hydropower project in light of the World Bank’s increased emphasis on supporting large dams"


September 14: Alan Hallsworth, University of Portsmouth, Traditional Retail Markets in the UK: The Role of Select Committees

September 21: Audrey Kobayashi, Queen's University, Biographies of the Idea of Race in the Discipline of Geography

September 28: Kate Moran, Ocean Networks Canada, The Neptune Cabled Instrument Array

October 12: Peter Murphy, La Trobe University, Australia, Community Networking for Local Tourism Entrepreneurs

October 19: Ed Wiebe, SEOS, University of Victoria, The School-Based Vancouver Island Weather Station Network

October 26: Frank Duerden, Geography, University of Victoria, Assessing Community Vulnerabilities to a Changing Climate in Dawson City, Yukon

November 2: Brad Coombes, University of Auckland,"Reclaiming Auckland, one patch at a time" Indigenous community gardens - health, sovereignty and progressive response to neoliberal reform

November 9: Nikolaus Gantner, Geography, University of Victoria, Ecotoxicology 101: From Mercury in Arctic Fishes to the Tohoku Tsunami Aftermath

November 16: Olav Lian, University of the Fraser Valley, Optical Dating: History and Theory of the Method and its Application to Research in Geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, and Archaeology

January 11: Jodi Axelson, Geography, University of Victoria, Adventures in Wood Taxonomy: New Approaches to Examining the Effect of the Western Spruce Budworm on Douglas-fir Forests

January 18: Colin Goldblatt, SEOS, University of Victoria, Earth Atmosphere Evolution and the Gaia Hypothesis

January 25: Ken Denman, Ocean Networks Canada, University of Victoria, The Strait of Georgia and VENUS: Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea

February 1: Dan Smith, Geography, University of Victoria, Walking in Dangerous Terrain: UVTRL Explorations in the British Columbia Coast Mountains

February 8: Sarah Finkelstein, Earth Sciences, University of Toronto, Assessing Biosphere-Carbon-Climate Feedbacks Using Paleoecological Records From Northern Peatlands

February 15: Steve Kokelj, Northwest Territories Geoscience Office, Thawing of Ice-cored Terrain alters Landscapes and Fluvial Systems in Northwestern Canada

March 8: Rosemary-Claire Collard, University of British Columbia, Putting Animals Back Together / Taking Commodities Apart

March 15: Protected Areas and Poverty Reduction Team, Selected Presentations

March 22: Mark Purcell, University of Washington, The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy


September 23: Dean Fortin, Mayor of the City of Victoria, City Building: The Road Ahead for Victoria

September 30: Chris Larsen, SUNY-Buffalo, How Has Euro-American Settlement Altered Western New York’s Forest Composition? Will Future Climate Change Cause Larger Alterations

October 7: Connie Carter, Royal Roads University, China Transplants its SEZ Concept to Africa

October 14: Thomas James, Geological Survey of Canada, Projections of Relative Sea-Level Change in the Canadian Arctic

October 21: Jean Slick, Royal Roads University, Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami: Exploring the Nature of Disaster

October 28: Joe Pittari, DPRA Canada, Inc., Charting the Future of Canada's Capital in the 21st Century - The National Capital Commission invites Canadians to discuss their aspirations for Canada's Capital

November 4: Chris Darimont, University of California, Santa Cruz, Resource management by humans and other predators; bear-salmon-human systems of coastal BC

November 18: Greg Henry, UBC, Lecture title TBA

January 20: Sarah Elwood, University of Washington, New Spatial Media, New Social Concerns: Privacy and the Geo-located Self

January 27: Brian Grover, formerly of the World Bank, How Aid Agencies Support Water Projects in Africa

February 3: Pam Shaw, Vancouver Island University, Boxed In: Searching for the Public Good in the Retail Landscape

March 2: Humberto Rios Labrada, Travelling from Agri to Culture: The Secrets of Myko on Rural Innovation in Cuba

March 9: Hugh French, Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa, Permafrost Stability and the Northern Polar World

March 16: Simon Dalby, Carleton University, Environmental Geopolitics in the 21st Century

March 23: Brian Thom, University of Victoria, Establishing a National Park, Re-establishing Indigenous Territory: Political Re-configurations of Coast Salish Cultural Landscapes

March 30: Terry Prowse, University of Victoria, WCIRC: What we are and how students are involved