Dr. Alison Chapman

Dr. Alison Chapman
Office: CLE C335

MA (Oxford), PhD (Glasgow)

Area of expertise

Nineteenth-century literature and culture, Victorian poetry, women's writing, Anglo-Italian studies, Digital Humanities.

Dr Alison Chapman studied at the Universities of Oxford and Glasgow, and before her appointment at UVic in 2005 she taught at the Universities of Sheffield Hallam, Dundee, and Glasgow. She specialises in nineteenth-century literature and culture (especially Victorian poetry and women’s writing) as well as digital studies. Awards for her research include the UVic Faculty of Humanities Research Excellence Award and the Boydston Award (from the Association for Documentary Editing). She is the recipient of grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the British Academy, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the United Kingdom, as well as fellowships from the Armstrong Browning Library and Princeton University Library. At UVic she recently served as the English Department Graduate Adviser, the University Grants Crafter, and an elected Faculty Senator. Dr. Chapman is currently on the editorial board of the Cambridge University Press series Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture and the academic journal Victorian Poetry.

Work in progress includes the SSHRC-funded digital project Digital Victorian Periodical Project (https://dvpp.uvic.ca) and a monograph on Victorian poetry, form, and place. Forthcoming publications include the edited collection of essays Nineteenth-Century Literature in Transition: The 1870s (Cambridge University Press), and essays in The Edinburgh Companion to Romanticism and the Arts, Victorian Poetry and Everyday Life, and a special issue of Victorian Poetry on Tennyson.


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