Faculty of Humanities

Provoke Critical Inquiry

Mission: Provoke Critical Inquiry

fundamental research and teaching about the meaning and methods of reason and critique, including their cultural and historical plurality, and a commitment to uphold these values in society today

Enrich Human Dignity

Mission: Enrich Human Dignity

fundamental research and teaching about what it means (and has meant) to be human, and a commitment to enact change to improve conditions for humanity

Engage Myriad Voices

Mission: Engage Myriad Voices

fundamental research and teaching about the interaction between time, place and knowledge, including its expression through language, and a commitment to a de-colonized and diverse global society

Inspire Innovative Expression

Mission: Inspire Innovative Expression

fundamental research and teaching about multifarious modes of human expression, including the full plurality of media, and a commitment to creative interventions in society

Open your mind, transform our world

The Humanities and liberal arts are engaged with the complex, ever-evolving questions of what it means to be human. They speak to issues of human dignity, creativity, thought, justice, freedom and value amidst a myriad of people and places. We explore language, culture, technology and the environment, recognizing the richness offered by diversity, difference, distance and place. 

The Humanities equip us to make critical and difficult choices, to recognize the difference between what is right and what is easy, and to take responsibility for our choices. 

from the Faculty of Humanities Vision Statement

Do you love reading and writing? Are you fascinated by current world events? Do you seek to explore and understand other cultures and languages?