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FYI Faculty Forum - November 30th, 2018

The English Department's FYI (Forum for Your Ideas) invites you to the last FYI event of the semester! Next Friday, November 30th, Alison Chapman will give a presentation titled "Hopkins, ‘Inversnaid,’ and ‘the weeds and the wilderness’: The ‘darksome’ origins of place poetry" which will ask why Hopkins frames “Inversnaid” as the origin of pristine wildness, and how his poem's poetics attempts to capture the specificity of wild places. Additionally, Joel Hawkes will introduce the Mary Butts Letters Project in his presentation titled "The Mary Butts Letters Project: Mapping and Creating Transnational Spaces and Communities," and Eric Miller will give a presentation titled "Tis Procrastination Alone That Can Save Us" in which he will read a short extract from his novel, The Canadian Act. Join us for a great afternoon of free coffee, tea, cookies and discussion from 2:30pm onwards in CLE D126!

An Interesting Condition: Pregnancy and Childbirth in the Victorian Novel

Pregnancy in Victorian novels is everywhere—and seemingly nowhere. Female characters give birth (that is, babies appear), but are these women ever represented as pregnant? In an era of restraint in bodily representation, how did novelists suggest that their female characters were expecting? This talk will offer background on the cultural history of sex, pregnancy, and childbirth in 19th century Britain, before launching into a hands-on exploration of how women’s bodies—and especially pregnant bodies—are constructed in a range of illustrated and serialized novels.

Dolphin Voices between Nature, Culture, and the Tape Recorder

Monday, November 19th at 1pm - Digital Scholarship Commons (A308), Mearns Centre for Learning, McPherson Library. John C. Lilly, who made dolphins famous as cosmic minds in the water, was obsessed with their bioacoustic practices. Sound technologies, especially tape, were the conditio sine qua non of Lilly’s cetacean research. He used tape to decrypt dolphin communications, and he is part of a confluence of creative experimentation with tape around 1960. The taped infrastructure of his quest for alternate worlds makes Lilly’s work of vital interest for media history, our understanding of sound, the tape medium, and the quest for otherness. It also invites us to reflect on how media formats provide interfaces with the natural world.

Alden Nowlan: A Victoria Celebration

Thursday, October 25th at 7.30pm David Lam Auditorium, MacLaurin A144 University of Victoria All welcome - admission is free Come celebrate with us at a once-in-a-lifetime reading from this book, in the voices of over twenty poets from Vancouver Island and nearby, including Nicholas Bradley, Lorna Crozier, Eve Joseph, Terence Young, Iain Higgins, Don Van Wart, Eric Miller, Richard Olafson, Arleen Paré, Linda Rogers, Garth Martens, Sonnet L'Abbe, Jan Zwicky, Jamie Dopp, Rhona McAdam, Alexander Varty, David Eso, John Barton, Marilyn Bowering, Patricia Young, Sandy Shreve & Susan Musgrave.

FYI Faculty Forum - October 26th, 2018

The next FYI (Forum for Your Ideas) event is coming up soon! On Friday, October 26, join us in CLE D126 at 2:30PM for another great afternoon of coffee, tea, cookies and discussion! Suzan Last will give a presentation titled "First-Year Writing Pedagogy" and Misao Dean will give a presentation titled "Recognition, or the depressive pleasure of reading Atwood's Surfacing." We hope to see you there!

FYI Faculty Forum - October 12th, 2018

The English Department’s FYI (Forum for Your Ideas) invites you to the first FYI event of the semester. Gary Kuchar will give a presentation titled "Milton, Shakespeare, and Canadian Confederation: Thomas D'Arcy McGee as Literary Critic," and Stephanie Lahey will give a presentation titled "The Imperfection Index: Parchment Flaws and the Perils of Statistical Description."

Treasures and Tea: How Poetry Changed the World: Elizabeth Barrett's "The Cry of the Children" and Industrial Reform

Dr. Alison Chapman (Professor, Department of English) and Denae Dyck (PhD candidate, Department of English) In the 1840s, Victorian Britain witnessed heated discussion about industrialisation and urban poverty, especially about child labour in factories. R. H. Horne's report for the Royal Commission (1842) astounded the Victorians with accounts of children working up to 16 hours each day. Special Collections holds important material related to this topic, including the poem that was most influential in effecting legislative reform: Elizabeth Barrett's "The Cry of the Children". This talk will cover the two earliest publications of this poem, in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine and in Barrett's 1844 Poems (a new Special Collections purchase), discussing such issues as its political impact, periodical context, transatlantic circulation, and innovative poetics.

CANCELED: Catholic Mass & Devotion

For Catholics the celebration of the Mass is the continuation of the Jesus' loving offer of himself and considered the source and summit of our faith.
Catholic Mass - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Catholic Devotion - Monday

Learn Zen Buddhist Meditation

Zen Meditation is a free program designed to teach meditation and give an experience ofZen Buddhism. This class includes sitting & walking meditation, chanting, and a talk by the Abbot of the Zenwest Buddhist Society, Kosen Eshu, Osho.

Across the Universe

DEC 18 7:00 only
Julie Taymor, US/UK, 2007, 133 min, PG

Celebrity Before Photography

Exhibit curated by Jeanne Cannizzo


Catholic Mass & Devotion

For Catholics the celebration of the Mass is the continuation of the Jesus' loving offer of himself and considered the source and summit of our faith.
Catholic Mass - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Catholic Devotion - Monday

Noon Meditation - Staff, Faculty & Students

We start with a basic meditation instruction at 12:15pm followed by a 20 minute breathmeditation at 12:25pm. We are done by 12:50pm.