News and events

FYI Faculty Forum - October 12th, 2018

The English Department’s FYI (Forum for Your Ideas) invites you to the first FYI event of the semester. Gary Kuchar will give a presentation titled "Milton, Shakespeare, and Canadian Confederation: Thomas D'Arcy McGee as Literary Critic," and Stephanie Lahey will give a presentation titled "The Imperfection Index: Parchment Flaws and the Perils of Statistical Description."

Treasures and Tea: How Poetry Changed the World: Elizabeth Barrett's "The Cry of the Children" and Industrial Reform

Dr. Alison Chapman (Professor, Department of English) and Denae Dyck (PhD candidate, Department of English) In the 1840s, Victorian Britain witnessed heated discussion about industrialisation and urban poverty, especially about child labour in factories. R. H. Horne's report for the Royal Commission (1842) astounded the Victorians with accounts of children working up to 16 hours each day. Special Collections holds important material related to this topic, including the poem that was most influential in effecting legislative reform: Elizabeth Barrett's "The Cry of the Children". This talk will cover the two earliest publications of this poem, in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine and in Barrett's 1844 Poems (a new Special Collections purchase), discussing such issues as its political impact, periodical context, transatlantic circulation, and innovative poetics.

Formative assessment: Why it is necessary (Grading Certificate series)

Speaking for Academic Purposes

Anthropology Co-op Students Panel

Anthropology co-op students will talk about their co-op job experience.

Resonant Disintegration

The haunting and timely interactive, sculptural multimedia installation Resonant Disintegrationby Visual Arts alumnus Colton Hashpresents an immersive space for viewers to reflect on their relationships to oceanic life in the context of climate change. The life-size form of an adolescent female orca is suspended at eye level in the space, inviting viewers to approach and physically engage with the sculpture. Resonant Disintegrationwon two awards at UVic’s "Research Reels" video contest at 2018's Ideafest, and this is the first time since 2017 it has been on public display.

Fridaymusic: Woodwinds

Take an afternoon break to enjoy a concert of varied repertoire featuring UVic School of Music woodwind students.

Fridaymusic: Woodwinds

Take an afternoon break to enjoy a concert of varied repertoire featuring UVic School of Music woodwind students.

Muslim Prayer

There is weekly Friday prayer held at UVic in the Interfaith Chapel. Prayers are held year round from 1:30pm-2:00pm. Facilities include multi-stall washrooms for men and womeneach. There is a separate, private women's area located behind the men's prayer area. Jumuah prayers are administered by UVic's Muslim Chaplain and the BCMA.