Dr. Kathy Sanford

Dr. Kathy Sanford
Professor, Language & Literacy
Curriculum and Instruction

PhD (Secondary Education) University of Alberta, MEd (Secondary English Education) University of Alberta, Graduate Diploma (Secondary English Education) University of Alberta, BEd (Secondary Music Education) University of Alberta

Office: MacLaurin A526
  • Teacher education

  • Gender and pedagogy

  • Multiliteracies

  • Digital portfolios

  • Assessment for learning

  • Feminist adult education

  • Community-based education

  • Qualitative research methodologies

  • Multiliteracies Education

  • Transdisciplinary Inquiry Strategies

  • Educational Research Methodologies

  • Educational Discourses

  • Issues of Assessment

  • Gender and Pedagogy

  • Interim Graduate Advisor

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I am available to speak on the following topics through the UVic Speakers Bureau:

  • Videogames and Learning

If you are interested to have me speak on any of these topics, please visit the UVic Speakers Bureau to make a booking.