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Eric Higgs

Eric Higgs - Environmental Studies


Environmental Studies

Office: DTB B162 250.721.8228
PhD (1988) (Waterloo), FRSC, FRCGS
Area of expertise:
Ecological restoration; ecological novelty; historical ecology; repeat photography; nature and technology

Office Hours

By appointment only.


  • philosophy, policy, and practice of ecological restoration
  • repeat photography in Canada's mountains (
  • ecological and regenerative design
  • parks and protected areas

About Eric Higgs

Eric Higgs studies how we intervene responsibly in ecosystems undergoing rapid change. His work is anchored in ecological restoration, but has expanded in recent years to include appropriate ways of intervening in hybrid and novel ecosystems and investigations the implications of ecological novelty. He has directed the interdisciplinary field-based Mountain Legacy Project, studying long-term landscape change in Canada’s mountains using repeat photography Recently he has initiated a research collaboration with Victoria-based Christine Lintott Architects to examine means for bringing urban design and ecological restoration closer together.

He is the author of more than one hundred articles and book chapters, and authored, co-authored and edited four books. From 2001 to 2003, he was chair of the Society for Ecological Restoration. He was Director of the School from 2002 to 2010.

He teaches the introductory ES 200 course as well as courses on ecological restoration (341, 445), a field course on Galiano Island (471; also ER 412), and contributes to a variety of ES courses.

Accepting Grad Students?

Eric is accepting graduate students.