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Restoration of Natural Systems Program

Diploma or certificate options

The Restoration of Natural Systems (RNS) program diploma and certificate, offered jointly with the Division of Continuing Studies, consist of skills-based courses on core and advanced ecological restoration techniques. In addition, the post-baccalaureate Ecological Restoration Professional Specialization Certificate offers specialized topics and extensions in restoration for practising professionals.

The RNS diploma is taken both for undergraduate credits and for upgrading by emerging professionals. Students enrolled in the Diploma or Certificate programs have the opportunity to conduct a significant restoration project as part of their capstone course, ER390 Selected Project. Our community outreach activities include two student-led restoration clubs on campus, student participation in local restoration projects off campus, and multiple restoration-centered workshops or symposia annually.


For more information about the Restoration of Natural Systems program and registering online, please go to Sustainability and the Environment program page.