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Environmental studies alumni are doing incredible things across BC, Canada and beyond. We love to hear from our alumni, and want to keep you updated about events, new research and initiatives.

There are several ways to stay in touch, including through our alumni group on Linkedin, the ENVI Facebook page and ENVI X. The alumni relations coordinator would also love to hear from you and can be contacted or at 250-853-3941.

Resources for SOSC alumni

As a graduate of Social Sciences at the University of Victoria, you are part of our extended community − a network of over 28,000 graduates in communities around the world. There are many ways to stay connected with that community.

Please explore the links below to find ways to stay connected that work for you, online or in person, or visit the Alumni Relations website.

Career resources
Dr Eric Higgs and grad student in the field for the Mountain Legacy Project

Did you know alumni can get career advice, professional development opportunities and job search assistance through the university's Career Services?

You can also read about our careers website for ideas on what you can do with a career in social sciences.

Stay in the loop
Grad students Maia Wikler and Audrey Popa were National Geographic Explorers at the National Geographic Storytellers summit in Los Angeles in 2024

Alumni events, social media and publications give you a valuable ongoing connection with the university.

Get involved

Extend your network and develop your professional skills while giving back to UVic.

  • volunteer with the school, alumni groups or the alumni board
  • speak at a student or alumni event
  • offer a co-op placement, career advice or mentoring to a student
  • pay it forward by contributing to scholarships or bursaries and support the changemakers of tomorrow

Georgia Klap Memorial Fund

On February 16, 2013 the University of Victoria and the greater Victoria communities were shocked to hear of the tragic death of Georgia Paige Klap, in a house fire along with her two good friends, Emily Morin and Mark Mitchell. All three of these young changemakers were active urban farmers, out-spoken proponents of social and environmental issues, and were ready to take on the world.

All her short life Georgia had a deep thirst for all things participatory and hands-on, including music, sports, outdoor adventures, gardening, and academia. A Waldorf student growing up, Georgia played in the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra, rowed competitively for the Maple Bay Rowing Club, and toured Europe as part of the World as Garden dance troupe. Georgia was dedicated to making the world a better place. She attended the International Youth Initiative Program in Sweden, the COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen, volunteered at an orphanage in a township in Cape Town, lived in Mexico and Canada and along the way, she began to comprehend the complexity of sustainability and the challenges and assets to an interconnected global community.

At UVic Georgia maintained her passion for diversity and curiosity, studying Environmental Studies, Geography, and the Humanities. She was drawn to experiential learning and was a participant in the environmental studies field school, Redfish School of Change, in 2012. Georgia worked in and maintained a garden plot with her brother Sam in the UVic Campus Community Gardens.

Everyone who knew Georgia was deeply affected by her authenticity, determination, and unbridled love for nature and all living beings. To honour her life, her compassionate and empathetic nature, her dynamic creativity, and her infectious spirit, a memorial fund is being created in Georgia’s name. By donating to this Memorial Fund you can support other students to fulfill their dreams of studying in the field and keep the spirit and story of Georgia Klap alive.

"I find it helpful to maintain an attitude of gratitude and to remember that if it is not enjoyable, it is not sustainable." — Georgia Klap

ES Alumni

Macgregor Aubertin-Young, MSc (2022)
Katie Baillie-David, MSc (2022)
Glenn Bartley, MSc (2009)
Michelle Beauchamp, PhD (2013)
Martina Beck, MSc (2013)
Emilia Belliveau-Thompson, MA (2018)
Trevor Bennett, MA (2012)
Emily Paige Bishop, MA (2020)
Erika Bland, MA (2018)
Sebastian Bonet, PhD (2019)
Cassandra Buunk, MSc (2021)
Desirée Bulger, MSc (2019)
Lily Burke, MSc (2018)
Carla Burton, PhD (2012)
Elena Buscher, MA (2019)
Thomas K.F. Campbell, MSc (2019)
Libby Chisholm, MA (2020)
Dana Cook, MA (2019)
Katharine Corriveau, MSc (2012)
Severn Cullis-Suzuki, MSc (2008)
Siobhan Darlington, MSc (2018)
Rod Davis, PhD (2015)
Alexa de Jongh, MSc (2023)
Jordan Dessertine, MA (2015)
Sara Duncan, MSc (2011)
Lauren Eckert, MSc (2017)
Laura Eliuk, MSc (2023)
Andrew Elves, MSc (2022)
Jenna Falk, MA (2014)
Julia Fisher, MSc (2015)
Eryn Fitzgerald, MA (2018)
Owen Fitzpatrick, MSc (2018)
Andra Forney, MSc (2016)
Helen Ford, MSc (2011)
Gillian Fraser, MSc (2018)
Maya Frederickson, MSc (2022)
Julie Fortin, MSc (2018)
Caitie Frenkel, MSc (2023)
Sandra Frey, MSc (2018)
Sarah Friesen, MSc (2019)
Jennifer Gee, MSc (2010)
Harneet Gill, MA (2013)
Thiago Gomes, MA (2012)
Charlie Gordon, MA (2018)
Stefania Gorgopa, MSc (2018)
Sydney Goward, MSc (2024)
Jemma Green, MSc (2018)
Hilary Harrop-Archibald, MSc (2010)
Nikki Heim, MSc (2015)
Ryan Hilperts, MSc (2010)
Kira Hoffman, PhD (2018)
Quirin V. Hohendorf, MSc (2018)
Valerie Huff, MSc (2010)
Kalina Hunter, MSc (2021)
Karen Hurley, PhD (2009)
Leigh Joseph/Styawat, MSc (2012), PhD (2024)
Kim Kendall, MA (2019)
Rick Kubian, MSc (2013)
Karine Lacroix, PhD (2019)
Heike Lettrari, MA (2017)
Astra Lincoln, MA (2022)
Abe Lloyd, MSc (2011)
Jennie Long, MA (2021)
Emma Lowther, MSc (2022)
Cole Lysgaard, MSc (2022)
Mitch Macfarlane, MSc (2022)
Catriona Mallows, MA (2021)
Jeff MacAdams, MSc (2018)
Jake McCloskey, MA (2018)
Anna Melnik, MA (2012)
Carla Mellot, MSc (2010)
Becky Miller, MSc (2019)
Lindsay Monk, MA (2013)
Valerie Mucciarelli, MSc (2014)
Kyle Nelson, MSc (2024)
Claire O'Manique, MA (2019)
Jaime Ojeda, PhD (2024)
Ashley Park, MSc (2013)
Hyeone Park, MA (2016)
Audrey Popa, MA (2024)
Kate Proctor, MSc (2013)
Tracey Proverbs, MA (2019)
Jen Pukonen, MSc (2008)
Jeff Ralph, MA (2009)
Geneviève Reynolds, MSc (2022)
Garrett Richards, PhD (2015)
Hannah Roessler, MA (2013)
Jennifer Anne Sauter, MA (2014)
Gabriel Schepens, MSc (2022)
Jordan Seider, MSc (2021)
Nancy Shackleford, PhD (2018)
Adrienne Shaw, MSc (2009)
Shinsaku Shiga, MSc (2011)
Nicola Shipman, MSc (2023)
Dane Stabel, MSc (2011)
Pamela Spalding, PhD (2022)
Frances Stewart, PhD (2018)
Jason Straka, MSc (2013)
Tanya Taggart-Hodge, MSc (2016)
Edosdi (Judith Thompson), PhD (2012)
Kim-Ly Thompson, MA (2018)
Lise Townsend, MSc (2009)
Tanya Tran, MSc (2020)
Chanda Turner, MSc (2018)
Charlotte Whitney, PhD (2019)
Sara Wickham, MSc (2017)
Kristen Walsh, MA (2016)
Victoria Wyllie de Echeverria, MSc (2013)
Kat Zimmer, MA (2016)