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Student clubs

Environmental Studies Student Association

The Environmental Studies Student Association (ESSA) is our Undergraduate Course Union for environmental studies students at UVic. The group focuses on linking social networking with environmental activism among the campus and off-campus community.

ESSA meets regularly to organize a wide variety of events and projects such as ecological restoration work-parties, charity fundraisers, careers nights, ethnobotanical nature walks, print publications (ESSENCE) and other fun activities throughout the academic year. ESSA provides engaging volunteer and job references to the undergraduates of environmental studies, and best of all, friendships that last long after graduation.

Visit the ESSA Facebook group to connect!

Group ENVI

Group ENVI represents our grad community of current master's and PhD students. It was created in 2006 to get all the hard-working graduate students out of their offices to enjoy time together. There are typically 1 to 2 Group ENVI reps, whose responsibilities include attending school meetings on behalf of ES grads and providing organizational and financial support for student-run events within the school.

In the past couple of years, Group ENVI has held theme parties, documentary movie screenings, an ecology research derby, a clothing swap, statistical software (R) workshops, potlucks/socials, Bike to Work Week and inner-tube water polo tournaments to build friendship and collaboration among students.

A group ENVI haiku:
Days in the office
Cross-eyed at the computer
Let's have a potluck

Looking to connect with us? Send us an email!