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Teaching & research assistants

We hire graduate students for paid positions as teaching assistants (TAs) and research assistants (RAs).

These roles offer a chance to fund your studies, build professional networks and gain critical job experience in your field.

Teaching assistants

Every year, we hire TAs to help support undergraduate education through teaching tutorials, grading and assisting in field schools, developing valuable teaching skills. Positions are typically advertised 3-4 months before term starts, and most job offers are sent out 3-6 weeks prior to the start of classes. Some positions are also advertised and hired part way through a term if opportunities arise.

TAs are covered by a collective agreement between CUPE Local 4163 Component 1 and UVic.

TA resources and support

Review primary TA responsibilities

Required qualifications and experience

Appointment decisions are based on the guidelines of the CUPE 4163 Agreement, Article 13.02.

Applicants should possess an undergraduate degree in a field related to environmental studies or environmental science; familiarity with the subject matter of the course is an asset. The UVic Appointment Priority Policy provides priority to graduate students in the School of ES.

Skills using Zoom, Kaltura and Brightspace, although not required, are considered an asset.

Other criteria considered include the career and/or pedagogical value a particular position will provide to the graduate student, the student’s preferences and other sources of graduate student financial support being received.

Keep an eye out for current opportunities below or through our graduate student listserv.

Research assistants

RAs engage in diverse research activities, from lab work to fieldwork, contributing to projects and gaining hands-on experience. Faculty members with external research grants often hire graduate students as RAs. Details of these appointments (salary, hours, etc.) are worked out between the student and the faculty member.

Contact faculty members directly to find out about possible openings, or reach out to our research manager, Alina Fisher.