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Faculty & staff

Faculty, staff, students, cross-listed professors, sessional lecturers, post-docs and adjuncts: we all work closely as a supportive and collaborative team to accomplish our goals in learning and teaching, research, and community service.


Our office is located in the David Turpin Building, B-Wing, room B243. We are normally open from 9 a.m. 4 p.m. Monday - Friday.

General inquiries:
Phone: 250-721-7354

Mailing address:
School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2
Courier address:
School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building, B-Wing, B243
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC V8P 5C2


Natalie Ban - Environmental Studies

Natalie Ban

Professor & President's Chair Environmental Studies

Office: DTB B250 250-853-3569

Deborah Curran - Environmental Studies

Deborah Curran

Professor & director School of Environmental Studies Environmental Studies and LAW

Office: DTB B243b 250-472-5070

Eric Higgs - Environmental Studies

Eric Higgs

Professor Environmental Studies

Office: DTB B162 250.721.8228

Sarah Hunt - Environmental Studies

Sarah Hunt / Tłaliłila’ogwa

Associate professor & Canada Research Chair, Indigenous political ecology Environmental Studies

Office: DTB A133 250-472-5828

Trevor Lantz - Environmental Studies

Trevor Lantz

Professor Environmental Studies

Office: DTB B254 250-853-3566

Darcy Matthews - Environmental Studies

Darcy Mathews

Associate professor Environmental Studies

Office: DTB A141 250-472-4941

Ian Mauro - Environmental Studies

Ian Mauro

Professor & executive director Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) Environmental Studies

Office: UH1 250-853-3596

Loren McClenachan - Environmental Studies

Loren McClenachan

Associate professor & Canada Research Chair, ocean history and sustainability Environmental Studies & History

Office: CLE B216 / DTB B150 250-721-7389

James Rowe - Environmental Studies

James K. Rowe

Associate professor Environmental Studies

Office: DTB A143 250.853-3574

Nancy Shackelford - Environmental Studies

Nancy Shackelford

Assistant professor & director Restoration of Natural Systems Environmental Studies

Office: DTB A129 250-472-4387

Karena Shaw - Environmental Studies

Karena (Kara) Shaw

Professor & academic director Transformative Climate Action Certificate Environmental Studies

Office: DTB A131 250-721-7353

Gerald Singh - Environmental Studies

Gerald Singh

Assistant professor & Ocean Nexus Chair of Global Change and Sustainable Development Environmental Studies

Office: DTB B224 250-853-3558

Brian Starzomski - Environmental Studies

Brian Starzomski

Ian McTaggart Cowan Professor Environmental Studies

Office: B225 250-853-3564

John Volpe - Environmental Studies

John Volpe

Professor Environmental Studies

Office: DTB B156 250-472-4298

Cross-listed & limited-term faculty

Ryan Hilperts

Assistant teaching professor Environmental Studies

Office: DTB B262 250-472-5767

Benjamin Neal - Environmental Studies

Ben Neal

Assistant teaching professor Environmental Studies and Biology

Office: PCH 009 250-721-7142


Sarah Theophilus

Sarah Theophilus

Administrative officer Environmental Studies

Oversees the financial and administrative operations of the school. Contact Sarah for assistance with administration, financial accounting, endowment accounting, course scheduling, website updates, HR & payroll, faculty appointments, post-doctoral fellowships, sessional instructor positions and TA appointments. 

Office: DTB B243a 250-472-4568

Elizabeth E

Receptionist, undergraduate program assistant Environmental Studies

This position provides front-line receptionist duties and undergraduate program administrative support. Contact Elizabeth for information about our School and for assistance with course registration, field school fees, keys sign-out, room bookings, events and faculty and sessional instructor support.

Office: DTB B243 250-721-7354

Ryan L. Hilperts

Undergraduate adviser, field school coordinator Environmental Studies

Ryan supports undergraduate students through academic advising including degree planning and course selection. She also supports the larger undergraduate community through field school coordination, undergraduate social events and community engaged learning.

Office: DTB B262 250 472 5767

Pan Kaewsamrit

Graduate program assistant Environmental Studies

Provides administrative support for master’s and PhD students. Contact Pan for administrative support related to graduate programs, including admissions, awards and funding and thesis/dissertation defense and graduation.

Office: DTB B243 250-472-5516

Alina Fisher

Alina Fisher

Research manager Environmental Studies

Contact Alina for grant application development, post-award grant management including budgeting, expenditures, purchasing and human resources, reporting to funders and as a first point for publicizing your research findings.

Office: DTB B239 250-472-5923

Laurel Currie

Program manager, climate & sustainability scholars Environmental Studies

Responsible for developing, implementing, managing and evaluating UVic’s Climate & Sustainability Scholars Program (CSSP).

Office: DTB B216 250-721-6125

Lina Guo

Social Sciences co-op coordinator Social Sciences


Sessional instructors


Adjunct professors

Pamela Asquith, adjunct professor
E. Richard Atleo, adjunct associate professor
Brenda Beckwith, adjunct assistant professor
Louise Blight, adjunct associate professor
Sebastian Bonet, adjunct assistant professor
Jeremy Caradonna, adjunct assistant professor
Alain Cuerrier, adjunct associate professor
Rod Davis, adjunct assistant professor
Douglas Deur, adjunct associate professor
Karen Dunmall, adjunct professor
Donald Eastman, adjunct associate professor
Emily Eaton, adjunct professor
Jason Fisher, adjunct assistant professor
Beatrice Frank, adjunct professor
Alejandro Frid, adjunct assistant professor
Emily Gonzales, adjunct assistant professor
Purnima Govindarajulu, adjunct assistant professor
Richard Hebda, adjunct associate professor
Thomas Heyd, adjunct assistant professor
Morgan Hocking, adjunct assistant professor
Elin Kelsey, adjunct associate professor
Leslie King, adjunct professor
Steven Kokelj, adjunct associate professor
Lynn Lee, adjunct assistant professor
Nick Montgomery, adjunct assistant professor
Charlotte Norris, adjunct assistant professor
Thomas Okey, adjunct assistant professor
Briony Penn, adjunct professor
Ana Maria Peredo, adjunct professor
John Restakis, adjunct assistant professor
Peter Ross, adjunct professor
Judith Sayers, adjunct professor
Valentin Schaefer, adjunct associate professor
Christina Service, adjunct assistant professor
Trudi Smith, adjunct assistant professor
Pamela Spalding, adjunct assistant professor
Nicholas Stanger, adjunct associate professor
Frances Stewart, adjunct assistant professor
Duncan Taylor, adjunct associate professor
Angeline Tillmanns, adjunct assistant professor
Nancy Turner, adjunct professor
Charlotte Whitney, adjunct assistant professor

Postdoctoral fellows

Andrew Barnas

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Jason Fisher/John Volpe
Areas of Interest: Density estimation of urban deer in Esquimalt, BC. Large mammal responses to oil sands activities in Alberta.

Ludovic Brown

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Jason Fisher

Kathleen Carroll

Research associate Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Jason Fisher

Rosanna Carver

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Natalie Ban
Areas of Interest: Social and social-ecological dimensions of ocean management changes in British Columbia, Canada.

Marissa Dyck

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Jason Fisher

Kayla Hamelin

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Natalie Ban
Areas of Interest: Fisheries management adaptation to climate change

Patrick Hayes

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Loren McClenachan
Areas of Interest: Digital humanities and historical ecology of British Columbia's Marine Fisheries. History/Environmental Studies.

Sarah Jacobs

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Eric Higgs
Areas of Interest: Re-Envisioning the Landscape: Photography and Îyârhe Nakoda Resurgence.

Sara Mynott

Research Associate Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Natalie Ban
Areas of Interest: Exploring how social-ecological models can support strategic planning for environmental challenges and, ultimately, improve the management of marine activities.

Jesse Sayles

Research Associate Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Natalie Ban
Areas of Interest: Effects of Ocean Management Measures in the Recreational Fisheries Sector in British Columbia.

Niek Jesse Speetjens

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Trevor Lantz
Areas of interest: Permafrost landscape dynamics, hydrology and organic matter fluxes. Currently developing a framework for permafrost terrain classification.

Jackie Ziegler

Post-doc Environmental Studies

Supervisor: Trevor Lantz
Areas of interest: Applied environmental social scientist interested in using social science methods to support communities in management of environmental issues. 

Grad students

Vist our grad student page to learn about our incredible PhD and master's students!