Patricia Cochrane

Patricia Cochrane
Associate Professor
Faculty of Law

BA Honours - McGill (1999), MA - U of T (2000), LLB - UBC (2004), LLM - UVic (2006), PhD (Law) - UBC (2013)

Area of expertise

Constitutional law, legal and political theory, law of the humanities


Dr. Patricia Cochran joined the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria in 2014, where she has taught constitutional law, legal methodologies, feminist legal theories, statutory interpretation, equality and human rights law and evidence law.   She has received graduate degrees in law and political theory, and continues to teach and research at the intersection of those disciplines.  Her research focuses on theories of judgment as a resource for thinking about the demands of law and justice in the context of pluralism, inequality and colonialism.

Prof. Cochran’s book, Common Sense and Legal Judgment: Community Knowledge, Political Power and Rhetorical Practice (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017) is a critical and interdisciplinary engagement with questions of judgment, knowledge and rhetoric.  This interest in legal judgment, and particularly its relational aspects, has continued to inform Prof. Cochran’s research.  She is currently exploring these themes in a variety of subject areas including agonistic constitutionalism, technologically mediated legal processes, and multijural statutory interpretation.