Dr. Rebecca Halliday

Dr. Rebecca Halliday
Assistant Teaching Professor& Professional Communication Adviser
Office: CLE C317

BA (UofA), MA (YorkU), PhD (YorkU, TMU)

Area of expertise

communication studies; fashion studies; media studies; performance studies; digital media and mediatization; social media; influencers; AI; fashion and streetwear; affect theory; material culture; immaterial labour; popular culture; corporate communication; crisis communication

Dr. Rebecca Halliday

Rebecca Halliday joined the English Department in 2022. Her interdisciplinary research examines the impact of digital and social media in/on consumer culture across the arenas of fashion, urban life, performance and politics, with a particular interest in users’ material and immaterial access to and interactions with fashion content. She has published on the mediatization of fashion shows and on topics such as street style, fashion and cities, and fashion and gender. Her most recent research project uses affect theories to explore how fashion and streetwear companies are implicated in politicized social media discourses, and to unpack how companies are using networked communities to perform activism and resistance.

Rebecca taught for six years in the School of Professional Communication and the School of Fashion at Toronto Metropolitan University and held a Limited-Term Assistant Professor position in Professional Communication in 2020-21 and 2021-22. In this role, she was Course Coordinator for the multi-section hybrid service course, Introduction to Professional Communication. Rebecca has also led courses and tutored students in academic and professional writing and in intercultural communication at other Toronto universities.

In the 2000s, Rebecca lived in Edmonton, where she worked in writing centre administration at the University of Alberta and worked for two Provincial Arts Service Organizations in member communications, public relations and event coordination roles. Rebecca has freelance backgrounds in retail communication - including contract work for the Creative Division at the Hudson’s Bay Company in Toronto - and in arts and culture writing and promotion.


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