Dr. Jeannine Carriere

Dr. Jeannine Carriere
School of Social Work
Office: HSD B306

PhD (U of Alberta)

Area of expertise

Indigenous child and family practice and policy

Professional Information & Research Interests | Education | Selected Publications | Selected Grants & Awards | Recent Courses Taught

Professional Information & Research Interests

  • Indigenous child and family practice and policy
  • Metis child and family wellbeing through a decolonial lens

My research priorities are situated in Indigenous child and family issues including community centered practice and the resurgence of traditional family systems of care. In recent years I have focused my research particularly on Metis child and family wellbeing. With Dr. Catherine Richardson, I co-edited the first book on Metis Child Welfare in Canada in 2017- Calling Our Families Home, Metis people’s experiences with child welfare. Currently I hold a grant from Canadian Heritage to develop a documentary film on Metis peoples, Lii Michif Nianaan. My other publications and reports focus on the importance of kinship care, identity and connectedness.

My teaching pedagogy is to use holistic approaches and Indigenous scholarship to develop and teach courses. I appreciate arts-based and land-based teaching and learning opportunities at both graduate and undergraduate courses.

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PhD (Human Ecology) University of Alberta, 2005
MSW (Social Work) UBC, 1995
BSW (Social Work) University of Manitoba, 1990
BA (Sociology) University of Alberta, 1988

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Selected Publications


  • Richardson, C. & Carriere, J. (2020). Speaking the Wisdom of Our Time. Vernon: J.Charlton Publishing Ltd.
  • Carriere, J. & Richardson, C. (Eds.). (2017). Calling Our Families Home: Metis Peoples' Experience with Child Welfare. Vernon: JCharlton Publishing Ltd.
  • Carriere, J., & Strega, S. (Eds.). (2015). Walking This Path Together: Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Child Welfare. Second Edition. Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing.
  • Carriere, J. (Ed.). (2010). Aski Awasis: Children of the Earth - First Peoples Speaking on Adoption. Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing.
  • Carriere, J. & Strega, S. (Eds.). (2009) Walking this Path Together:Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Child Welfare. Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing.

Selection of Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Kent, A., Loppie, C., Carriere, J, MacDonald, M. & Pauly, B. (2017). Xpey’ relational environments: An analytic framework for conceptualizing Indigenous health equity. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, 37(12).
  • Richardson, C., Carriere, J. & Boldo,V. (2017). Invitations to dignity and well-being: Cultural Safety through Indigenous Pedagogy, Witnessing and Giving Back! In AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples. Vol 13, Issue 3, 2017.
  • Carriere, J. (2015). Children of the Earth in J. First Peoples Child and Family Review Special Edition. Vol. 10. No. 1.
  • Carriere, J., DeFinney, S. (2015). Forward. In J. First Peoples Child and Family Review Special Edition. Vol. 10. No. 1
  • Kovach, M., Carriere, J., Barrett, M.J, Montgomery, H., Gilles, C. (2014). Stories of diverse identity locations in Indigenous research. In C. Campbell, H. Montgomery, and H. Ritenburg.(Guest Eds). International Review of Qualitative Research: Indigenous Inquiries.6(4).
  • Strega, S., Janzen, C., Morgan, J., Brown, L., Thomas, R., Carriere, J. (2014). Never innocent victims: Street sex workers in Canadian print media. Violence Against Women. Vol.20(2). np.
  • Carriere, J., Richardson, C. (2013). Relationship is Everything: Holistic Approaches to Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health. Submitted to the First Peoples Child and Family Review. Vol. 7 Number 2.
  • Janzen, C., Strega, S., Brown, L., Morgan, J., Carriere, J. (2011). Nothing short of a horror show. Triggering abjection of street sex workers in Western Canadian newspapers". Hypatia. 2013.
  • Carriere, J. (2008). Maintaining Identities: The Soul Work of Adoption and Aboriginal Children. In J. Pimatisiwin, A Journal of Indigenous and Aboriginal Community Health. Spring, 2008.Vol.6. No.1. 
  • Carriere, J. (2007). Maintaining Identities in First Nation Adoption. In J. First Peoples Child and Family Review. January 2007.Vol.3 Issue 1. 46-64
  • Carriere, J. (2005). Connectedness and Health for First Nation Adoptees. In J.Paediatrics and Child Health. November, 2005. Vol.10 No.9.545-548

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Selected Grants & Awards

  • 2019- Canadian Heritage grant. Anti-Racism initiative
  • 2018 Funds donated from private donors toward Metis film development
  • 2017-Funded grant from Adoptive Families Association of BC
  • 2017 Funded grant from anonymous donor for film development
  • 2016- Funded grant from anonymous donor for book Calling Our Families Home
  • 2016- Co-Investigator for SSHRC Insight Grant Principal Investigator with Raven Sinclair
  • 2013- SSHRC Internal Research Grant 
  • 2011-2016 Principal Investigator: Bernadette (Bernie) Pauly: Reducing Health Inequities: The Contribution of Core Public Health Services in BC. Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research Co-Principal Investigators: Marjorie MacDonald, Trevor Hancock & *Warren O’Briain. Co-Investigators: *Ted Bruce, Lydia Drasic, *Beth Jackson, *Victoria Lee, *Michael Pennock, *Lorna Storbakken, Roger Wheeler, Simon Carroll, Anne George, Michael Hayes, Lenora Marcellus, Aleck Ostry, Joan Wharf-Higgins & Jeannine Carriere
  • 2010 "Creating and Maintaining Indigenous Knowledges in the Western Academy," Maggie Kovach (PI), Monty Montgomery (CI), Jeannine Carriere (CI), SSHRC.
  • 2009 "Someone's mother, sister or daughter: Street sex workers, their families and transitioning out of street sex work," Susan Strega (PI), Leslie Brown, Jeannine Carriere, Robina Thomas, SSHRC.
  • 2009 Ministry of Children and Family Development and University of Victoria, cultural planning research.
  • 2008 Ministry of Children and Family Development Research Grant.
  • 2007-2008 General Research Grant, SSHRC.
  • 2007 Ministry of Children and Family Development Research Grant.
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Recent Courses Taught

  • SOCW 354 - Introduction to Indigenous Perspectives on Social Work Practice
  • SOCW 451 - Indigenous Policy Analysis in Social Work
  • SOCW 492 - Protecting Indigenous Children
  • SOCW 304 and 402, 506 Practicum Liaison and seminar instructor
  • SOCW 516 - Research Methodologies
  • SOCW 521 - Indigenous Perspectives on Knowledge and Research
  • SOCW 523 - Self Conscious Traditionalism
  • SOCW 571 - Capstone
  • SOCW 580 - Indigenous Human Development
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