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Linda Welling

Associate professor


Office: BEC 346 250-721-8546
PhD (Western Ontario)
Area of expertise:
Economics of the family, applied microeconomic theory, industrial organization


  • industrial organization
  • microeconomics
  • economics of the household


Selected publications

 Articles published in refereed journals

  • Gugl, E.& Welling, L., 2017. "Efficiency of Family Bargaining Models with Renegotiation: The Role of Transferable Utility across Periods," Studies in Microeconomics, , vol. 5(1), pages 53-83, June.
  • Gugl, E. and  Welling, 2012. Time with sons and daughters, Review of Economics of the Household10(2): 277-298.
  • L. Welling, 1989, "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money (Partially) Refunded", Canadian Journal of Economics.
  • L. Welling, 1991"A Theory of Voluntary Recalls and Product Liability", Southern Economic Journal, April 1991.
  • I. King and L. Welling, 1992, "Commitment, Efficiency and Footloose Firms", Economica, February 1992.
  • I. King, R. P. McAfee and L. Welling, 1992, "Investment Decisions under First and Second Price Auctions", Economics Letters, 39(1992)289-293.
  • I. King, R. P. McAfee and L. Welling, 1993, "Industrial Blackmail: Dynamic Tax Competition and Public Investment", Canadian Journal of Economics, August 1993.
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  • Peter W. Kennedy and Linda Welling, 1997, “Production externalities and the efficiency of parental childcare choices”, Canadian Journal of Economics, November 1997.
  • Merwan Engineer and Linda Welling, 1999, “Human Capital, True Love, and Gender Roles: Is sex destiny?” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol 40 (1999) 155-1787.
  • Linda Welling and Marci Bearance, 2002, "Who's minding the kids? An economic comparison of sole and joint custody", Journal of Socio-Economics, Vol 31, 15-29
  • Merwan Engineer and Linda Welling, 2004, "Overlapping Generations Models and Graded Age-Set Societies", Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 160(3), 454-476