All faculty members are instructors who research and teach in Latin America topics or have an interest in being involved with the Latin American Studies program.

Beatriz de Alba-Koch History

Aleksa Alecia


Michelle Bonner Political Science

Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier Anthropology

Ryan Clasby


Christine Forster Hispanic and Italian Studies

Mauricio García-Barrera Psychology

Mélissa Gautier Anthropology


Karoline Guelke Gender Studies

Jutta Gutberlet Geography
Bernard Henin Geography
Thomas Heyd Philosophy
Matthew Koch History
Catherine Krull Dean of Social Sciences
Patrick MacLeod Biology/Vancouver Island Health Authority
Margo Matwychuk Anthropology
Gabriela McBee Hispanic and Italian Studies

Lynn Ng Political Science

Astrid Pérez-Piñán Public Administration

Ana María Peredo Environmental Studies

Carmen Rodríquez de France Indigenous Education


Dan Russek Hispanic and Italian Studies
Andrew Schloss School of Music

Peter Stahl Anthropology
Rosa Stewart Hispanic and Italian Studies