All faculty members are instructors who research and teach in Latin America topics or have an interest in being involved with the Latin American Studies program.

Beatriz de Alba-Koch History

Aleksa Alecia


Michelle Bonner Political Science

Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier Anthropology

Christine Forster Hispanic and Italian Studies

Mauricio García-Barrera Psychology

Mélissa Gautier Anthropology


Karoline Guelke Gender Studies

Jutta Gutberlet Geography
Thomas Heyd Philosophy
Matthew Koch History
Catherine Krull Dean of Social Sciences
Patrick MacLeod Biology/Vancouver Island Health Authority
Margo Matwychuk Anthropology
Gabriela McBee Hispanic and Italian Studies

Lynn Ng Political Science

Astrid Pérez-Piñán Public Administration

Carmen Rodríquez de France Indigenous Education


Dan Russek Hispanic and Italian Studies
Andrew Schloss School of Music

Peter Stahl Anthropology
Rosa Stewart Hispanic and Italian Studies