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Rebecca Oudman standing with two girls in front of a Guatemala flag
You can create specialized fields of expertise combining your knowledge of Latin America with disciplines such as anthropology, business, education, environmental studies, geography, Hispanic studies, history, music, political science and others. Rebecca Oudman is the director of a sponsorship program in Guatemala.

What can I do with a degree in Latin American Studies?

The Latin American Studies Program can open the doors to exciting careers in education and research, governmental agencies or non-governmental organizations, international relations, media, law and commerce.

Knowledge of other cultures and languages enhances your understanding of the world. Studying Latin America encourages students to develop a passion for other cultures and languages. Our graduates end up with in-depth knowledge of the region, sophisticated skills in critical thinking and analysis, as well as in oral and written communication.

Co-op for Latin American Studies students

Co-op helps you start building your career while you're still at university. It's designed to work around your academic courses, so you'll complement what you're learning in class with practical workplace experience.

Co-op enables you to try out a range of jobs before you graduate; gain work experience and skills; and make connections with employers. And you get paid for the experience! 

You can also work abroad as a co-op student. UVic has partnerships with several employers in Latin America. Funding is available to support students on international co-op work terms. 

Learn how to join the co-op program.

Some career options for Latin American Studies graduates

  • Archaeologist
  • Business consultant
  • Communications advisor
  • Community or youth worker
  • Community organizer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Filmmaker/photographer 
  • Foreign service officer
  • Forensic anthropoloist
  • Healthcare
  • Historical interpreter
  • International development coordinator
  • Journalist, new media
  • Multiculturalism educator
  • Museum educator/curator
  • Political aide
  • Public health educator
  • Public policy analyst
  • Research analyst
  • Social service worker
  • Support worker for immigrants and refugees

Additional education and training may be required.

More information from Co-op + Career Services (PDF)

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