News and events

SEOS MSc Defense: Kota Endo

MSc candidate, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Title: Robustness of the parameterization of sub-grid scale wind variability on sea-surface fluxes

Zoom defense

Eric Metcalfe: Pop Anthropology

Pop Anthropologyis an exhibition of multimedia artist Eric Metcalfe's oeuvre, spanning over sixty years, in celebration of the artist's honorary doctorate from UVic (UVic DFA 2021, BFA1970).

Body Language: Reawakening Cultural Tattooing of the Northwest

Body Languageis an exhibition about the reclamation of cultural tattooing in the Pacific Northwest.

Derrumbeat - the Beat of Collapse

Derrumbeatis a sonic collage created from the audio-visual traces collected from falling rocks, pieces of wood, cement and ceramics in various abandoned sites in the capital of Cuba,Havana.

Discrete Math Seminar: Paint by Numbers: Investigating List Colourings of Plane Graphs

Speaker: Shannon Ogden, University of Victoria
Location: Clearihue C115
Event type: Discrete math seminar

Print, heat and expand: An overview of 3D concrete printing

Featuring Dr. Manish Kumar, of the of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Gandhinagar, India, whose research interests include earthquake engineering and the resilience of power transmissionnetworks.

Thriving in 2022 workshop

Learn practical tips for managing your stress and setting achievable goals this term in this workshop for tri-faculty students