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Latin American News Digest Internships

The Latin American News Digest is seeking qualified students for a limited number of internships for Fall 2019. Because the goal of the Digest is essentially a didactic one, to spread the word about news from Latin America, we feel strongly about providing the opportunity for students to participate in this process. Student writers and researchers contribute to our weekly issues by aggregating and writing summaries of news articles found in Latin American sources. Ideally, internships happen in tandem with an independent study led by a faculty member of the appropriate department, but this is not a requirement. The result is an enriching experience for students who discover a variety of perspectives within the Latin American media. Students are able to identify trends and anomalies in the region, giving them a much greater breadth of knowledge and understanding of the hemisphere in which they live.

Learn Zen Buddhist Meditation

Zen Meditation is a free program designed to teach meditation and give an experience ofZen Buddhism. This class includes sitting & walking meditation, chanting, and a talk by one of the priests of Zenwest Buddhist Society.


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UVic Gallery exhibits

Visualizing the Vikings and Their Gods

An exhibition presenting the roots and later developments of Viking imagery. From earlyillustrations to contemporary popular media

Sexualized Violence Prevention Training

The Division of Medical Sciences' EDI Committee is dedicated to helping create a safe andinclusive environment in which everyone can work, learn, and live. Join the conversation through this workshop, where we'll learn about practicing respect and consent in our daily lives.

The Heat is On: Climate Ethics in the Age of Greta

CFGS Global Talk with Robert Sanford