Cedar Luke talking to Beatriz de Alba-Koch at a table in a reading room
Latin American studies student Cedar Luke consults with program director Beatriz de Alba-Koch.

Our program offers you the chance to build your area of interest in Latin America into a specialized field of study. This enormous and diverse region can be explored through culture, the arts, politics, language, or other combinations. We provide you with a broad interdisciplinary understanding of this important geocultural and political area as well as knowledge of the Spanish language.

Latin American Studies offers honours, majors, general and minors.

LAS 200 is required for LAS and should be taken towards the beginning of the program.

For details on program requirements, please check out Latin American Studies in the undergraduate calendar.

 Latin American Studies Program information

Prerequisites notes:

  • 3.0 units of SPAN language courses at the 100 or 200 level (further language study is highly recommended). Not required for native speakers of Spanish, who may not obtain credit for 100- or 200-level SPAN courses.
  • For eligible elective courses prerequisites, please see the various department and program course listings.
  • Please refer to the Academic calendar for more details.


Students wishing to enroll in the Honours Program must first obtain the approval of the Program Director. Admission to the Honours Program normally requires a minimum GPA of 6.0.

Courses Unit total
LAS 400, 499 4.5
15.0 units from the list of eligible elective courses 15.0
Total 19.5


Courses Units total
LAS 400 1.5
13.5 units from the list of eligible elective courses 13.5
Total 15.0

General and Minors

Courses Units total
LAS 400 1.5
7.5 units from the list of eligible elective courses 7.5
Total 9.0

Students must take at least one course from a minimum of two departments or programs. Variable content courses require the permission of the program in advance.

Please see a complete list of our eligible elective courses in the Academic Calendar.