Elective courses are offered by a variety of departments including Anthropology, Geography, History, Hispanic studies, Indigenous Education, Music, and Political Science. Select your electives according to your personal interests. See the full list of electives courses below your program requirements here.

The following courses need the permission of the LAS director in order to count for LAS:
ANTH 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, HSTR 385A, MUS 320, SPAN 495

The thematic clusters of electives below highlight some different perspectives from which you could approach studying Latin America. You do not need to choose a thematic cluster nor take all the courses listed in a cluster.  


Indigenous Latin America

ANTH 371 -Anthropology of Mexico

ANTH392 - Selected Problems in Anthropology: Archaeology​ 

HSTR376A - Conquest and Rebellion in Latin America, 1492-1783 

HSTR376E - History of the Aztecs, Inka and Maya 

HSTR476- Indigenous, Mestizo and Spanish Accounts of the Conquest 

SPAN304 - Indigenous Latin America, Eco and Social Justice 

SPAN484C - Conquest and Rebellion in Latin America, 1492-1783 



HSTR 376D - The Women of Latin America

HSTR385A- Witchcraft and its Persecution in the Early Modern Atlantic World

SPAN 484A - Latin American Women's Writing



SPAN 390 - Hispanic Literature I

SPAN 483B - Latin American Fiction from the "Boom" to the Present

SPAN 483C - Modern Latin American Literature and the Arts

SPAN 484A - Latin American Women's Writing


Media and Music

MUS319- Music and Culture of Cuba

MUS320- Topics in World Music

POLI381 -Politics of Mass Media in Latin America

SPAN307 - Latin American Culture Through Music

SPAN485B- Latin American Film


The Making of Contemporary Latin America

ANTH393 -Selected Problems in Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology

GEOG347B -Geographies of Development

HSTR376B- The Struggle for Independence in Latin America, 1767-1867

HSTR376C- Revolutions and Dictators in 20th-century Latin America

POLI317- Political Economy in the Global South

POLI372- Latin American Politics

SPAN484D - The Struggle for Independence in Latin America, 1767-1867

SPAN484E - Revolutions and Dictators in 20th Century Latin America

Students must take at least one course from a minimum of two departments or programs.

A full listing of the most current eligible electives can be viewed in the Academic Calendar. Please refer to the Academic Calendar when confirming all course and elective requirements.