International opportunities

Michèle Favarger pointing at Cuba on a wall map

Michèle Favarger spent time in Cuba as part of a self-directed experiential course.

Several women, an alpaca, and vehicles in Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

View of Rio de Janeiro and surrounding area from up high

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

People walking through a street in San Cristolbal, Mexico

San Cristolbal, Mexico

Latin American studies offers a variety of international opportunities. These opportunities can be built with the assistance of an instructor, the director of the program, or with research at other institutions. There are also opportunities to join field schools or study abroad programs hosted by other departments on campus that count towards your degree. 

LAS 320 "Experiential Learning"

While spending at least one month in Latin America, this course allows you to pursue a project of your interest based on participating in an academic or community outreach program.  Your project can also be based on other forms of direct involvement in Latin America. This course is run on a request and one-by-one basis, so please contact the director, or the Latin American Studies for more information.

Co-op Placements in Chile and Brazil

The university of Victoria has co-op placements in both Chile and Brazil.


Field Schools

The Departments of Anthropology and Environmental Studies regularly offer field schools in Latin America.  These field schools are excellent opportunities for you to earn UVic credits while enhancing your first-hand knowledge of the area.

Study abroad

Study Spanish at the University of Cuenca, Ecuador!

Spend the fall in Cuenca, a UNESCO Heritage Site 2500m above sea level with a population around 332,000. The program offers intensive Spanish languages courses, cultural and literary readings, visits to museums, field trips and community outreach opportunities.

The courses include SPAN 250A/B, SPAN 255, SPAN 275 and SPAN 350A for 7.5 UVic units. Classes are from 8:30am to 12:45pm.  All instructors are native speakers of Spanish and will teach 7–15 students. If you don't have SPAN 100A/B, consider taking the SPAN 149 in the summer session. 

Homestay accommodations are arranged by the Universidad de Cuenca with homes no further than 30 minutes from campus by public transportation. Rentals closer to the campus are possible, but are not organized by the university.

For more information, please see the study abroad page in Hispanic and Italian Studies.

Semester Abroad at Latin American University

Consider doing a semester abroad at a university in Latin America. UVic has partnerships with two universities in Latin America, one in Brazil and one in Chile. Both universities offer courses in English while giving you the opportunity to learn the language, culture, and experience student life abroad. Check out details and how to apply at the following link.


Judy Payne Memorial Award

judypayne-smallOne or more awards, of at least $1,000 each, are given to undergraduate students who are:

  • a declared minor/general, major or honours student in Latin American Studies, and
  • enrolled in the upcoming Summer Session or Winter Session, or who were registered in the previous academic Winter Session, in a Latin American Studies Experiential Learning class.
    Part-time student are eligible (min. 6.0 units).

Approval of the recipient(s) is made by the Senate Committee on Awards upon the recommendation of the Faculty of Humanities.