Study in Ecuador & Spain

Fall 2022 Students in Alcalá

Alpaca encountered by students in Cuenca, Ecuador

Alpaca encountered by students in Cuenca, Ecuador

Buen Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain

Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid, Spain

Study Abroad Programs 

Immerse yourself in the languages and cultures of Ecuador and Spain! Our study abroad programs provide opportunities for Spanish language students to spend time learning in a foreign country while they are studying at UVic. Living and studying abroad builds your fluency and confidence, adds to your cultural understanding, personal and professional growth, plus it's fun!

Study abroad experiences from our students:

“Studying abroad in Spain was an amazing experience. It’s a great way to learn new cultures, explore new places, and make new friends! Being in Alcalá I felt very welcomed and had a great experience learning a second language! I visited lots of places while over in Spain, I recommend visiting Valencia and Barcelona on the bullet train! Studying abroad in my opinion is the best way to learn a new language and experience a new culture!” - Jordan Feist, July 2022

"From Saanich to Spain - and back again"
by Elijah Ackerly. The Ring, May 2021

"Making the world their textbook" The Ring, February 2016

Both programs have specific requirements and application deadlines. Information sessions are typically held in November and January for the following year abroad. 

If you are planning to independently study and take courses at institutions abroad that are not part of these programs, please see 'Taking Courses Abroad' for important guidelines.

Application for Study Abroad

Study Abroad Application for Fall 2024 (pdf) - will be available in November 2023

Please complete the fillable application, save, and email to

: TBA 

Alcalá program details

About the program

  • Location: Alcalá de Henares, Spain (35 Km northeast of Madrid)
  • Institution: We partner with the Universidad de Alcalá
  • Term: October to December
  • The program is directed to students entering 3rd year Spanish
  • Acceptance is based on grades in 1st and/or 2nd year Spanish
  • Eligibility: Students who are completing SPAN 250B or SPAN 249
  • Students may be eligible for some funding through the department's Elias Mandel Prize for Study Abroad

About the courses

  • Students take courses in the areas of language, culture, and literature
  • Credits received will be UVic credits (7.5 units total), some of which can be applied to a degree in Hispanic Studies
  • Courses include SPAN 280 (Spanish Immersion), SPAN 350A (Upper Intermediate Spanish I), and SPAN 350B (Upper Intermediate Spanish II) for 7.5 units


  • Students are responsible for their transportation and living expenses
  • The Universidad de Alcalá offers accommodation in a university residence with full room and board or  a homestay could be arranged. There is also a residence with kitchens available to students to prepare their own meals.

Cuenca program details

About the program

  • Location: Cuenca, Ecuador is a UNESCO Heritage Site in the Highlands
  • 2,500m above sea level; pop. 332,000
  • Institution: We partner with the Universidad de Cuenca
  • Term: September to December
  • The program is directed to students entering 2nd year Spanish.
  • Opportunities for community outreach
  • Eligibility: Students who are completing SPAN 100B or SPAN 149.
  • Students may be eligible for some funding through the department's Elias Mandel Prize for Study Abroad

About the courses

  • Intensive language courses
  • Courses include SPAN 250A (Intermediate Spanish I), SPAN 280 (Spanish Immersion), and SPAN 305B (Upper Intermediate Topics in Hispanic Culture) for 7.5 units
  • Cultural and literary readings, visits to museums and field trips
  • All instructors are Spanish native speakers
  • 7 to 15 students per class
  • Classes are Monday to Friday, morning/afternoon 
  • Levels in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


  • Home stays arranged by the Universidad de Cuenca
  • Homes no more than 30 minutes from campus by public transportation
  • Rentals close to the university are possible but not organized by the university

Funding support for Study Abroad

For financial support with going to study abroad, here are some funding opportunities that exist for current UVic students:

  1. Elias Mandel Award for Study Abroad in the Humanities One or more awards are available for undergraduate students who are studying abroad through courses, field schools, or programs offered or recognized by the Faculty of Humanities. Please note that the deadline is February 28.  See application details and contact 

  2. UVic International Student Services
    Outbound funding opportunites
    including the Student International Activities Fund, and the One World International Scholarship.