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Outgoing exchange

The International Centre for Students (ICS) Exchange Program allows current students to study at one of our 70+ partner universities around the world while gaining credits at UVic and paying UVic tuition fees.

We coordinate outgoing exchanges for these faculties only:

  • Humanities
  • Fine Arts
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

Students in these faculties work with their undergraduate or graduate adviser to plan international exchanges:

  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Education
  • Human and Social Development
  • Law
  • Business
  • Graduate Studies

Why go on exchange?

  • immerse yourself in a new culture
  • make new friends and travel to interesting places
  • develop your skills in a second (or third!) language
  • experience independence and tackle new challenges
  • gain international perspectives in your field of study

How to apply

Your first step is to apply to participate in the UVic ICS Exchange Program. After you are accepted, we will lead you through the steps to apply directly to your chosen host university.

Application deadlines:

  • February 1 for first term or full year exchanges
  • August 1 for second term exchanges

You must...
  • be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Humanities, Science or Social Sciences at UVic
    • Economics: If you are a student in the Department of Economics, please refer to the department website for additional information specific to your program and exchange
    • French: If you are a student in the Department of French, please contact your department to discuss your exchange before you apply
    • Graduate Students: If you are a graduate student, please consult with your department before you apply
    • Students in departments outside of the tri-faculties (Humanities, Science and Social Sciences): If you are registered in Business, Law, Nursing, Engineering or other professional programs, please consult with your department before you apply
  • be registered as a full-time UVic student
    • in order to be eligible, students must be enrolled full time as defined by the UVic calendar. Students registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning may have an accommodation to take a reduced course load and still be considered a full time student for academic purposes.
  • have completed at least one year of study at UVic (12.0 units) before you leave for your exchange
  • meet good academic standing as outlined in the current UVic Undergraduate Calendar

  • review our partner universities for detailed information about where you can study
  • check out the storymap project to hear directly from student experiences. 
  • check the exchange credit histories for our partner institutions
  • register for events targeted at outbound students. 
  • use the application documents as planning tools to help guide your research
Tip: Subscribe to the International Currentfor advice and interesting stories written by and for outgoing exchange students.


  • connect with your Exchange Student Adviser, visit the ICS (Jamie Cassels Centre B202d) or email us.
  • make an appointment with an academic adviser to discuss your exchange pertaining to your degree requirement, declaring your major, understanding your Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning report and exchange credits

Your first step is to apply to participate in exchange. After you are accepted into the program, we will lead you through the steps to apply to your chosen host university.

Apply for exchange

Prepare for departure

After you have been selected to participate in the UVic ICS Exchange Program, you'll work closely with us to prepare for your departure and upcoming cultural and academic experiences.

Returning home

Returning is just as much a part of the exchange experience as leaving. When you plan your departure, allow adequate time and energy for administrative details, travel arrangements, farewell parties and other important tasks.

Make sure you consider the steps that you will need to take both before and after your return.

Storymap project - student experiences

The ICS exchange team is excited to capture exchange student experiences on our StoryMap site.

The Journey Across Borders storymap is a project from students for students. Check out the preview below or go directly to the site

Participate and share your story!

Have you participated in an exchange and would like to share your story? Follow the steps below or get in touch with us!

StoryMaps is an online storytelling tool that allows you to easily create compelling interactive content that combines maps, multimedia and text.

It can be used to share stories about your exchange, capture memories and inspire future student to study abroad.

Creating and sharing your exchange story is easy with StoryMaps.

Watch this very brief video on how to get started, create a free account and start telling your unique exchange story.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. The Beginnings: Reflect on your initial feelings, expectations, and the moment you set foot in your host country. What were your first impressions, and how did they evolve over time?
  2. Cultural Connections: Share stories of cultural encounters, whether it's a local tradition, a favorite dish, or a festival that left a lasting impression.
  3. Academic Insights: Describe the courses, professors, or projects that stood out to you during your exchange program. How did this experience contribute to your academic growth?
  4. Unexpected Discoveries: Highlight any surprises or unexpected adventures that you stumbled upon during your time abroad. What did you learn from these experiences?
  5. Friendships and Connections: Introduce us to the people who made your exchange memorable. Share anecdotes about the friendships you formed and the connections you'll cherish forever.
  6. Personal Growth: Reflect on the ways in which this exchange program has influenced your personal development. Did it challenge you, inspire you, or lead you to newfound passions?
  7. A Glimpse into the Future: Share your aspirations and how this exchange program has shaped your future goals, both personally and professionally.

Once you have published your story – share the link with us (and your friends and family of course)!

With your permission, we will highlight your StoryMap on our UVic International StoryMap and on social media!

If you have used an alternative mode to capture your experience such as a blog, vlog, padlet or photo diary, let us know - we are happy to link it to our map to inspire prospective students!

Stay in touch

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Explore the upcoming events tailored for both current and prospective outbound exchange students, as well as informative sessions on international opportunities.

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