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Health insurance for international students

You must have comprehensive medical coverage while studying at UVic. This means you should be covered by both a primary insurance plan (such as or the BC Medical Services Plan) and an extended health and dental plan.

Without coverage, you could be denied treatment or pay thousands of dollars each day for medical services. 

Family members with you in Canada should also have comprehensive coverage. You can purchase coverage for them at an additional cost. plan

The plan provides emergency medical coverage for international students who are new to UVic. 

Most new international students are automatically enrolled in the plan when they register in a course at UVic. Coverage is valid for the first four months at UVic, and is meant to cover students during the waiting period while they apply for the BC Medical Services Plan.

BC Medical Services Plan

The BC Medical Services Plan (BC MSP) is a health insurance plan that pays for medically required services provided by physicians, specialists, diagnostic facilities, laboratory facilities and hospitals.

Fair PharmaCare

Fair PharmaCare can help cover the cost of eligible prescription drugs, medical supplies and pharmacy services not covered by your primary and extended health insurance.

For more information about eligibility and enrolment, please visit the Fair PharmaCare website.

UVic health & dental plans

Extended health and dental benefits are available to students at UVic.

The coverage offered by these plans does not replace the need for primary health insurance. Without the plan or the BC Medical Services Plan you may not be able to access the benefits associated with your UVic health and dental plan.


Most students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate plan when they register at UVic for the fall (September to December) or spring (January to April) term.

  • if your program starts during the summer session (May to August), contact your student society (UVSS or GSS) to ask about eligibility.

Exchange and research students: You will not be automatically enrolled, but you may be eligible to opt in during the change-of-coverage period if you choose to purchase a UVSS or GSS membership package.

Health & wellness resources

Services for students enrolled in the plan
Services for undergraduate students enrolled in UVSS Enhanced Health Plan

Campus services

  • Campus Dental Centre - offers affordable dental services
  • Heart Pharmacy - offers a wide range of health and wellness products as well as prescription medications
  • Student Wellness Centre - provides medical care, counselling, mental health supports and spiritual care for UVic students
  • SupportConnect - provides free, confidential mental health support for UVic students, available 24/7 by phone and online
  • UVic Sports Injury Clinic - provides physiotherapy, massage therapy and sports injury therapy
  • Victory Therapeutics - offers appointments with massage therapists, acupuncturists, dieticians and naturopaths

Other resources

  • cannabis use - provides information about cannabis use on campus
  • HealthLink BC - provides non-emergency health information and advice
  • Trans Care BC - connects you with gender-affirming health and wellness supports near you

Resources for specific student groups

  • Mobile Doctor by First term international students enrolled in will have access to a virtual doctor
  • Conversation by Dialogue – Mental health and well-being services for undergraduate students enrolled in the UVSS Enhanced Health Plan