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Maintaining your documentation

It is important to maintain your immigration status while studying at UVic.

Have a study permit?

If you are coming to UVic from a high school, college, university or language school in Canada, you can use your study permit if:

  • it is still valid, and
  • your program will start within 150 days after the end of your last program

You must notify IRCC that you have changed institutions.

Extend your study permit

We recommend that you apply to extend your study permit at least 4-6 months before it expires.

To begin the application process, log in to your IRCC secure account using GCKey or Sign-In Partner. If you do not already have an IRCC secure account, you will need to first create a new account.

Once you have logged in, scroll down to "Start an application" and select "Apply to come to Canada". Every application begins this way, even if you are already inside Canada.

Reminder: Apply via your IRCC secure account

Under the “Apply to come to Canada” heading you will see a statement encouraging you to apply using the IRCC Portal if you are applying for a study permit. This is a new portal intended for new study permit applications from outside Canada only. Please do not select this option. Instead, click the “Apply to come to Canada” link to apply through your IRCC secure account.

If you would like to confirm that you are using the correct application portal, or if you need any assistance with the process, please contact us for support.

Letter of Acceptance for your study permit extension application

IRCC requires students to submit a "Letter of Acceptance" as a supporting document for their study permit extension application. If you are a current UVic student and your letter of acceptance has expired, you should request a study permit information letter through Online Tools > Online Request Forms.

  • if you notice any errors in the letter, please contact one of the following offices to request a corrected letter to include with your study permit extension application:

Undergraduate students
Student Support Services

Graduate students
Graduate Admissions and Records

If your study permit expires while you have a study permit extension application in process, you can stay in Canada and continue studying (and working, if eligible) until IRCC makes a decision on your application.

  • during this time, you will have maintained status as long as you remain in Canada

If you are in Canada and your study permit expires before you submit an extension application, you must stop studying immediately.

Renew your documents

After you have extended your study permit, you will also need to:

Update your study permit

You can only fix errors on your study permit that were made by Canadian immigration officials when your personal information was recorded.

  • if you need to fix incorrect information, you must submit an application form
  • this application can only be submitted by mail

If you need to change the conditions or update information on your study permit due to a change in your situation or your work eligibility, you will need to apply online.

Replace your study permit

To replace a lost, damaged or stolen temporary document that is still valid, you can submit a replacement application.

  • the application must be submitted by mail
  • there is a $30 (CAD) application fee, payable through IRCC's online payment tool
  • you must print a copy of the payment receipt to include in your application package

Study permit conditions

You need to meet a number of study permit conditions. If you don’t meet these conditions, you may lose your student status and study permit.

One of these conditions is demonstrating that you are actively pursing your studies. You can demonstrate this by enrolling full- or part-time during regular academic sessions. UVic's Academic calendar includes definitions of full-time studies for undergraduate students and graduate students.

Part-time vs. full-time studies

Although studying part time is not a violation of your study permit conditions, you must be enrolled full time to legally work on or off campus during your studies. Continuous full-time enrolment in all academic terms throughout your UVic program is also one of the eligibility requirements to apply for a post-graduation work permit after completing your studies.

For more information, see Working in Canada.

Experiential learning and work

Study permit holders in Canada may work on or off campus provided they meet certain eligibility requirements. For paid or unpaid work that forms part of your UVic program (such as a co-op, practicum, or internship), a work permit is also required. Experiential learning opportunities at UVic (such as community-engaged learning, or practica/internships that are part of an academic course) may also require work authorization if the activity meets IRCC's definition of work.

For more information, see Working in Canada.

Summer sessions

For undergraduate students, summer sessions may be scheduled breaks depending on your program. You are not required to take courses or maintain full-time status during regularly scheduled breaks.

  • consult with your academic adviser if you have questions about your program’s scheduled breaks

For graduate students, you are required to have continuous registration. As a result, the summer session is not a scheduled break.