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UVic Bound

a group of UVic students poses for a photo after hiking to Thetis Lake

UVic Bound is a pre-arrival program for degree-seeking international students starting their studies at UVic in fall 2024. 

The program provides support to new students in their transition to living in Victoria and Canada and studying at UVic. New students will connect with current UVic students and other new international students, join informative sessions to get their questions answered, and meet the International Centre for Students (ICS) team - all before even arriving in Victoria! 

Meet the UVic Bound student leaders

UVic Bound Student Leaders are available to answer questions and share their experiences as UVic students. They will join each online session and be available to connect with UVic Bound participants via email. UVic Bound participants can contact the student leaders via email.


she/her | Electrical Engineering | Nigeria

Interests: When I'm not immersed in my studies, you'll find me exploring the beauty of nature through hikes, painting, or unwinding with a good movie.

Hey there! I'm Uche, a 4th-year Electrical Engineering student and I am originally from Lagos, Nigeria. Having spent the past four years in Canada, I continue to embrace new experiences and learning opportunities. Reach out to me for study tips, insightful advice, or simply a friendly chat. I understand the journey of adjusting to life in a new country, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. Looking forward to connecting with you all!

Communities I'm involved with:

  • Global Community
  • UVic WEST (Women in Engineering, Science and Technology)
  • UVic ESS (Engineering Student Society)
  • UVic ACSA (African and Caribbean Student Association)

she/her | Mathematics | Colombia

Interests: Music, dancing, yoga, and whipping up delicious dishes in the kitchen.

Hi there! I’m Lina, I kicked off my journey as an international student in September 2024. I come from the stunning Colombia, and I’m in my second year of a master’s degree in mathematics. UVic has been groundbreaking, gifting me some of the most incredible experiences of my life, learning from myself while connecting with folks from all corners of the globe and exploring different cultures and life perspectives.

Victoria? Oh, it’s a gem! Perfect for enjoying great outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and taking a freezing dip in the ocean. Do you have any questions or are you just curious about life here? Shoot me a message, I’m all ears and more than happy to share what living in this vibrant city is all about.

Communities I'm involved with:

  • Multifaith Centre
  • Broad View United
  • SIGMAS (Students In Graduate Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Victoria Bengali Cultural Society
  • Food Not Bombs Victoria

he/him | Computer Science | India

Interests: When I am not studying, you will most likely find me at the gym or out on a run.

Hello, I am Adi, an international student from Mumbai, India in my third year of Computer Science. I am also an endurance athlete and I have run several marathons. I absolutely enjoy connecting with students from different countries. As an International Student, I have had great experiences but at the same time, I have experienced my share of challenges. I am always open to guiding students to resources to help them navigate their academic journey as well as their personal life. Reach out to me with any questions, or if you just want to connect and have a chat!

Communities I'm involved with:

  • Global Community
  • UVic Run Club
  • UVic Cuban Salsa Club

he/him | Computer Science | Philippines

Interests: Playing sports. Watching football and basketball. Long walks and bike rides. Connecting songs with memories. Playing guitar. Being productive.

Hello! I'm Nico, a 3rd-year Computer Science international student, originally from Manila, Philippines. Apart from programming and doing computer stuff, I enjoy playing football and basketball and love to imagine myself as a professional athlete. Living in a new country is an amazing and eye-opening experience. I enjoy every part of it, especially meeting new people and hearing their stories. If you would like to know more about my experience, have questions, or need some handy tips, feel free to reach out to me!

Communities I'm involved with:

  • UVSS (University of Victoria Students' Union)
  • Global Community
  • Football Intramural Team
  • UVic Philippine Community

she/her | Humanities | China

Interests: Books, coffee, conversations, walks, tasty food, and music. I play the piano and the erhu, and I never miss a chance to watch a musical.

Hi there! I’m Elaine, an international student, planning to major in philosophy. Originally from China, where I studied at a conservatory, my desire to experience life in different cultures brought me to Vancouver Island to pursue my Bachelor's degree. I’m so glad to choose UVic. The people are incredibly welcoming, and the natural scenery is adorable. When I first arrived, the Global Community events taught me about the university's resources and introduced me to some of my closest friends. As someone who has walked in the shoes of a new international student, I understand the mix of excitement and nervousness that comes with this big transition. Whether you need any information, a friend to chat with, or just some tips for the food at Cove, I’m here to support you just as I was supported.

Communities I'm involved with:

  • Global Community
  • Mentorship program

he/him | Software Engineering | India

Interests: In my leisure time, I am usually gaming on my steam deck, reading, jamming with my ukulele, or spending some time in the nature.

Hello, gamers! I'm Aman, in my fourth year studying Software Engineering. Originally from India, I moved to Canada in pursuit of global exposure and cultural exchange. As a student leader, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to welcome and support incoming international students as they commence their journey at UVic. Having experienced the mix of excitement and apprehension that comes with setting foot in a foreign land, I understand the importance of embracing the journey with an open mind and a willingness to adapt. My advice to newcomers? Embrace the adventure and remember that it's okay to feel overwhelmed – it's all part of the journey! I look forward to connecting with you all and helping make your transition to UVic as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Communities I'm involved with:

  • Global Community
  • UVic AI

UVic Bound sessions

This session will kick off your journey as a UVic student. Meet the team at the International Centre for Students and find out how we can help you with everything from immigration, study permits, health insurance and finding a place to live in Victoria. Join this session to start learning about resources on campus, connect with other new international students, and meet current UVic students s as they share about their experiences at the university and life in Victoria.


If you would like to review the session, you can watch the recording below:

At this virtual session, our International Student Advisers (ISAs), who are regulated immigration practitioners, will provide an overview of the process and advice on how to submit a strong application. You will also get a chance to connect with current UVic students as they share about their personal experiences navigating Canadian immigration systems and getting support from ISAs to stay complaint with the International Student Program policies. You will also have opportunities to ask questions in this session!

Topics covered by our advisers will include:

  • Immigration documents required to study in Canada as an international student
  • How to apply for your study permit
  • Questions & Answers

We strongly recommend reviewing the recorded study permit application tutorials prior to the session.


If you would like to review the session, you can watch the recording below:

What is it like to be a student in a Canadian classroom? As you prepare for your start to the academic term, you have questions. What should you expect when you sit down for your first university class? Who can you go to on campus when you have questions and what kind questions should you be asking and when? An academic adviser will guide you through some Canadian university expectations and information to help you achieve your academic goals at UVic. Current UVic students will share with you their tips to help you make the most out of your UVic experience.

*To get the best from this workshop please be sure to participate in the sessions on program planning and registration.


This session will go over information essential to planning your time in Victoria. Our Settlement Advisers will share tips on finding a place to live, setting up your finances, and what to expect for cost of living. Current students will share about their experiences finding housing and other advice like their favourite neighbourhoods and local places. This session is a great opportunity to ask your questions about life in Victoria and what to expect while living here.

Get a taste of student life in Victoria! Your UVic Bound ambassadors will answer your questions and share their experiences, including how they made friends, opportunities to get involved in the UVic Global Community and other student clubs and communities, their favourite things to do in Victoria, and where they find their favourite foods from home. Join this session and envision your upcoming university life on Vancouver Island.

Join us for an online social where you can connect with other new international students who will be starting at Uvic in September with you. No awkward silences here - your UVic Bound Ambassadors will run activities to help you get to know your fellow students. This is a great way to make friends even before you get to campus, so you have a few friendly faces to greet you when you arrive!

Join us for a virtual session designed to equip you with important immigration information and insider tips on working in Canada as an international student at UVic. Learn about navigating your own journey as you listen to current UVic students share their lived experiences with employment in Canada. Led by an International Student Adviser, this session will cover the following topics:

  • Essential immigration documentation
  • Student work authorization conditions
  • Job search process overview
  • Career resources for UVic students

It's almost go time! In this session, we will share advice on getting ready for your travel to Victoria and navigating your first few days here. Our International Student Advisers will go over key documents to bring and help you to feel prepared for the customs and immigration process at your port of entry. Our Settlement Advisers will discuss options for transit from the airport or ferry terminal, getting to campus and navigating the city, as well as what to pack for the weather in Victoria. You'll have the chance to chat with current students about how they prepared for their journeys and what they wish they knew before arriving.

Join our online International Student Orientation Program information sessions from August 19 - August 23 to connect with campus partners and learn about the services and supports they provide.

Starting August 27 sessions will take place in person at UVic as part of our International Student Orientation Programs.

Join us for a fun morning of connection and community-building! After four months of connecting online, it's time to kick off your UVic journey. This event is your opportunity to start creating meaningful connections with your peers, connect with your UVic Bound ambassadors in person, and meet the welcoming staff from the International Centre for Students. Start your day with breakfast as you mingle with fellow students who share your excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead. Exchange stories, swap tips, and build friendships that will enrich your university experience.

Welcome to campus! We are so excited you are part of this community and look forward to getting to know you better. Transitioning to living in a new place can be exciting and daunting at the same time. We are here to help you build meaningful friendships and support you in finding a sense of belonging and inclusion. In this workshop, you will meet current UVic students, learn about international student resources and services on campus, and connect with other new international students.

Join us on the Quad to celebrate your first day at UVic with pizza and lawn games. Come for lunch and stay to connect with other new international students, our International Centre for Students team, ICS student staff, and amazing volunteers.

Join our in-person International Student Orientation Programs and other orientation events on campus from August 26 - September 7 to kick off your time at UVic.

Contact us

UVic Bound is a pre-arrival program for degree-seeking international students starting their studies at UVic in fall 2024. Once UVic has received the acceptance deposit for eligible students, we will contact them with the full program details.

If you have questions about the program or think you are eligible but have not yet received the UVic Bound welcome email from us, please send us an email.