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Housing & transportation

Searching for housing in a new city, and especially a new country, can be challenging. Whether you choose to live in residence or off campus, take time to think about what type of accommodation will best suit your needs.

On-campus housing

There are a variety of on-campus housing options for students.

Visit Residence Services to find out what's available and apply online. Space is limited, so apply as soon as possible.

Off-campus housing

There are many different types of accommodations in Victoria and there's a lot to consider when choosing a place to live. It may take time to find a home, so we encourage you to look early.

Long-term housing

Online resources:

Facebook groups:

Property management companies:
You may find an apartment to rent through a local property management company.

Short-term or temporary housing

You may need to stay in short-term accommodations while you look for a more permanent place to live. Here are some options:

Important: Please be aware that off-campus housing options are not verified by UVic for legitimacy or quality. It is important that you or someone you trust visits the unit in person.


Transit system

UVic is a major transit hub. Plan your commute on Victoria's transit system which operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Most students registered in at least one on-campus course for credit will be enrolled in the U-Pass program.

Starting September 2023, you'll need to use the new Umo mobile app or a reloadable Umo card to show proof of payment on all buses in the Victoria Regional Transit System. The UVic ONECard will no longer operate as your bus pass.

You'll need to activate your U-Pass every term with that term's unique-to-you UVic benefit code.

Exchange and visiting research students: You are not automatically enrolled in the U-Pass program. You can opt in by purchasing a University of Victoria Students' Society or Graduate Students' Society membership package.


Visit our campus cycling hub to learn about the Campus Bike Centre, bike sharing and loan programs, showers and change rooms, lockers, route maps and more.


You must have a valid driver’s licence and insurance to drive a vehicle in British Columbia. Visit Get your identification for more information. If you have questions, contact the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) more information.

UVic offers alternative driving options including car sharing programs, you don't have your own car. We also have a range of parking options.


Taxis in Victoria are operated by well-established companies that provide safe transportation and electronically metered fares.

Need help?

 If you're having trouble finding a place to live, consider your options:

  • Can you stay with relatives or close friends?
  • Are you able to afford short-term accommodation while you look for a place to live long-term?
  • Can you reconsider what you want? Maybe you can't have your perfect place right away, but will get there with time.
  • Have you looked at all of the resources on this website?
  • Have you looked on the bulletin boards in the Student Union Building?
Contact the International Centre for Students if you need support.