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Making Our Waste Visible & Knowledge Mobilization - Workshop

While waste is part of our everyday life experience, we distance ourselves from whatever happens to waste after discard, and we believe that the waste management system takes care of it. Engagingwith the issue of our waste allows us to draw connections to key societal issues ranging from environmental degradation, poverty and justice, community development, climate change, policies andregulation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Poja-Gi: Diasporic Gestures (an artist residency with kimura byol lemoine)

Senate meets

Uvic Art Hive

Mustard Seed & Multifaith Centre Food Share Program

This foodshare program provides food for UVic students through the Multifaith Centre.

NSERC Alliance Program Information Session

The NSERC Alliance programsupports research collaborations between university researchers and partner organizationsfrom the private, public or not-for-profit sectors.

During this 90-minute information session for UVic researchers, NSERC representatives will provide an overview of the Alliance Advantage and Society funding schemes and answer questions about theprogram.

Reverse Networking Pizza Party!

Explore Your Future: Reverse Networking Pizza Party

Scientist. Entrepreneur. Brewmaster. Explorer. Grab a slice with extraordinary alumni who have excelled as leaders and entrepreneurs in various fields of science !

Discover diverse career journeys, be inspired by success stories, and connect with successful alumni for potential mentorship, guidance, collaborations, and industry contacts at this structurednetworking event -no extraversion required!-. The members of the Science Alumni Advisory Boardwill introduce themselves, share their many skills and experience, and answer your questionsabout university/work/research/anything.