Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge, FRSC

Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge, FRSC
Office: CLE B313 | Hours: Mon & Thurs 8:30-9:30am

History: BA (Calgary), AM, PhD (Michigan)

Area of expertise

Biomedical and information ethics, topics in the history of philosophy

Eike-Henner Kluge taught at various universities in the US and Canada before coming to the University of Victoria. In 1989 he was asked by the Canadian Medical Association to establish the Department of Ethics and Legal Affairs, and was its first Director.

Eike is a tenured full professor in the Department of Philosophy at UVic. He specializes in the history of philosophy and applied ethics in such areas as biomedical ethics and health information ethics. He has worked in military ethics and police ethics, and is currently working in a consulting capacity with the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction to develop a policy for substituting prescription pharmaceuticals to replace street opioids. 

Eike was the first expert witness in medical ethics recognized by Canadian courts, and has acted in that capacity in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. He has been a consultant to Health Canada, various provincial Ministries of Health and Health Regions, as well as to the Office of the B.C. Police Complaint Commissioner and has presented invited testimony to Royal Commissions and Parliamentary Committees.

From 2004 to 2010 he was the Canadian Bioethics Society’s delegate to the Canadian Council on Animal Care. He is a member of WG4 (Security in Health Information Systems) of the International Medical Informatics Association, was the lead author of its Code of Ethics (translated into 9 languages) and wrote the accompanying Handbook of Ethics for Health Informatics Professionals.

In 2005 he received the Award for Research Excellence of the UVic Faculty of Humanities, and in 2007 he was awarded the Abbyann Lynch Medal in Bioethics by the Royal Society of Canada. Current research interests include medical informatics, human tissue banking and genetic engineering.

Publications: books and articles on topics ranging from medieval philosophy and metaphysics to health care and information ethics. For a detailed list of Dr. Kluge's recent publications, contact him directly or see his entry our "What We're Writing" page.