Daniela Constantinescu

Daniela  Constantinescu
Undergraduate Program Director, Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Office: Engineering Office Wing, Room 541

BASc (Transilvania University), MASc (UBC), PhD (UBC), P.Eng

Area of expertise

Haptics, mechatronics, robotics, dynamics and control

Research Areas

  • Haptics
  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics
  • Dynamics and Control

Research Description

Dr. Constantinescu's research interests lie in the areas of robotics and mechatronics. Within these areas, she is interested in using robotic technologies, particularly haptics (computer-generated touch), for rehabilitation and for improving human manipulation performance. Current topics of interest include:

  • Guaranteed stable haptic simulation of multibody virtual environments.
  • Haptic rendering of virtual environments comprising both rigid and deformable models.
  • Collaborative haptic manipulation of multibody virtual environments.
  • Virtual constraints for rehabilitation.
  • Passivity-based and impulsive control of robotic systems.

Detailed information regarding these topics and/or graduate and postdoctoral research opportunities can be obtained by contacting Dr. Constantinescu by email. Candidates with a strong background in one or more areas of control, dynamics, programming, robotics, real time simulation, and signal processing are particularly encouraged to apply.