Secondary NetLink IDs

Logins and passwordsLogins and passphrases

Secondary NetLink IDs are being phased out in response to both internal and external audits. The university's IT Governance committee approved a motion that no new enterprise information systems will support secondary NetLink IDs. 

There are replacement services for many common secondary NetLink IDs use cases:

If none of these solutions meet your needs for a secondary NetLink ID, please contact the Computer Help Desk for assistance.

Account security

Change your secondary NetLink ID passphrase

If you know your current NetLink ID passphrase, you can change your passphrase by using the secondary passphrase management tool.

You will be directed to sign in with your Primary NetLink ID before proceeding to change your secondary account passphrase.

Reset your secondary NetLink ID passphrase

If you have forgotten your secondary NetLink ID passphrase, contact the Computer Help Desk.

We can help you reset your passphrase either in person or over the phone. You must be the creator of the account or have FAST signing authority for the department associated with the account in order to authorize a passphrase reset.