New faculty checklist

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  1. Obtain your NetLink ID. You can use your NetLink ID to check your UVic email, enter your students' grades through Online tools, post online course material, and access other computing resources.
  2. Check your UVic Email. UVic will use this email address to contact you. You can also connect your UVic email account to your mobile device. Supported mobile devices can synchronize email, calendar, and contacts with your new UVic Exchange account.
  3. Brightspace can be used to provide online course content, as well as opportunities for collaboration, communication, sharing, and activities. Explore the online support documentation from LTSI's Teach Anywhere site. Online support documentation is also available for other educational technologies such as Turnitin and iClicker.
  4. Your class lists and grading information are available when you click on FAST Student in Online tools. Online support documentation and training are available. If you are not using UVic Moodle, you can use an Email distribution list or the FAST Student Reporting class list to communicate with your students.
  5. Connect to the UVic Wireless Network with your laptop or mobile device. UVic Wi-fi is available in all buildings on campus.

For a comprehensive list of services available to faculty, please visit our service catalogue. If you are unable to find what you are looking for or if you require any further assistance, please contact the Computer Help Desk.