Current work study job postings

Students must have applied for and been approved to participate in the work study program prior to accessing the work study postings.

To apply for the work study program, please sign into your UVic Online tools. Full applications instructions.



ADSV - Advancement Services


no postings available at this time


ADVA - Academic Advising Centre



no postings at this time


ANTH - Anthropology

ARTH - Art History and Visual Studies

ATRS - Athletics and Recreation

ATWP - Academic and Technical Writing Program


no postings at this time


BIOC - Biochemistry and Microbiology


no postings available at this time


BIOL - Biology

BUDG - Budget Campus Planning and Sustainability

BUSI - Business

CANA - CanAssist

CAPI - Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives

CARD - ONECard Services


no postings available at this time


CERE - Ceremonies

CFAL - Centre for Accessible Learning

CFGS - Centre for Global Studies

CFYS - Centre for Youth and Society

CGRO - Community and Government Relations

CHAP - Multifaith Centre

CHEM - Chemistry

CHIL - School of Child and Youth Care

CIRC - Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement

CISR - Canadian Institute of Substance Use Research


no postings at this time


COOP - Co-op and Career Services

CREA - Creative Writing

CSRS - Centre for Studies in Religion and Society


no postings available at this time



DAYC - Child Care Services

DEVT - Development


no postings available at this time


DMSC - Division of Medical Science

ECON - Economics

EDCD - Curriculum and Instruction

EDUC - Education

EENG - Electrical and Computer Engineering

ENGL - English

ENGN - Engineering

ENVI - Environmental Studies

EOSC - School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

EPHE - School of Exercise Science, Physical and Educational Health

EPLS - Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies

EQHR - Equity and Human Rights


FACU - UVic Faculty Association

FINE - Fine Arts

FMGT - Facilities Management

FORB - Forest Biology

FREN - French Language and Literature

GEOG - Geography

GERU - Germanic and Slavic Studies

GNDR - Gender Studies

GRAD - Graduate Studies


no postings at this time


GRRS - Greek and Roman Studies

GSOC - Graduate Students' Society

HCMC - Humanities Computing and Media Centre


no postings available at this time


HEAL - University Health Services

HEIS - Health Information Science

HISP - Hispanic and Italian Studies


no postings available at this time


HIST - History

HUMS - Humanities


IACE - Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement

IALH - Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health

ICSS - International Centre for Students


IGOV - Indigenous Governance Program

INTL - Global Engagement

ISST - Indigenous Studies

LAWF - Faculty of Law

LEGA - Legacy Art Galleries

LIBR - Libraries

LING - Linguistics

LTSI - Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation

MALA - Malahat Review

MATH - Mathematics and Statistics

MEDI - Medieval Studies

MENG - Mechanical Engineering

MUSI - School of Music


SCIE - Faculty of Science

SOCI - Sociology

SOCW - Social Work

SOSC - Social Sciences

STSV - Student Services


no postings at this time


THEA - Theatre

UCAM - University Communications

UNEX - Continuing Studies

UNIC - University Centre Auditorium


no postings available at this time


UVSS - UVic Student Society


UVSS2 - food bank and free store assistant

UVSS3 - information officer 1

UVSS4 - promotions officer

UVSS5 - administrative assistant

UVSS7 - local committee coordinator

UVSS8 - graphics coordinator assistant

UVSS9 - outreach officer

UVSS10 - communications and office support assistant

UVSS11 - accessibility programming producer

UVSS12 - education coordinator

UVSS13 - anti-racism coordinator

UVSS14 - programs and outreach student coordinator

UVSS15 - project assistant 1

UVSS16 - staff writer

UVSS17 - communications assistant

UVSS18 - programs assistant

UVSS19 - project assistant

UVSS20 - office assistant 2

UVSS21 - outreach and communications assistant

UVSS22 - information officer 2

UVSS23 - communications coordinator

UVSS24 - library manager

UVSS25 - project coordinator

UVSS26 - media and marketing student coordinator

UVSS27 - project assistant 2

UVSS28 - design director

UVSS29 - resource coordinator

UVSS30 - land based learning coordinator

UVSS31 - peer support centre assistant

UVSS32 - equitable broadcasting coordinator

UVSS33 - project organizer

UVSS34 - events student coordinator

UVSS35 - staff editor

UVSS36 - volunteer coordinator

UVSS37 - producer


VISU - Visual Arts