How to apply for an in-course scholarship or award

Undergraduate students who attend UVic in the regular Winter Session are eligible for a number of awards made available through contributions from corporate and individual donors as well as from the University operating budget.

The majority of these awards do not require an application; they are assigned on the basis of merit or a departmental nomination. Others require an application.

Application required

Awarded based on GPA and other scholarship-specific criteria.

Application-required scholarships and awards require students to submit either a paper or online application as well as supporting documentation. In order to apply for scholarships offered online, students must complete the in-course scholarship application, available through Online tools. The online application for students currently attending is open April 1-May 31. Any supporting documentation required for the online application must be submitted by email to by May 31.

Paper-based applications have varying deadlines and requirements. Please see the application required page for more information.

Department or scholarship-specific criteria

Awarded based on GPA and other scholarship-specific criteria.

Department or scholarship-specific criteria awards may require an application. The application will be provided by the department offering the award.

Questions about in-course scholarships?

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