Financial aid glossary


An award may refer to either financial or non-monetary recognition. Additional selection criteria may also be considered.

Athletic and other awards

Awards may refer to different types of academic funding; they generally have an academic requirement but also may include community involvement or other non-academic qualifications.


Bursaries are non-repayable awards that are designed to help fill any unmet need between a student's assessed financial need and the available government assistance; students must be receiving maximum government student loans and still have unmet financial need to be eligible for a UVic bursary.


A dependent is your child(ren), or stepchild(ren), aged 18 and under, that reside(s) with you and/or your spouse/common-law partner at least two full days per week and for whom you are financially responsible. Children aged 19-22 years old who are registered in full time post-secondary studies are also considered eligible as dependents if you are financially responsible for them.

For work study purposes, please do not include yourself, siblings, roommates, spouses or pets as dependents on the work study application. If you require more information, please contact UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid.


A student who is entering directly from secondary school or who is entering within two years of graduation and has not attended another post-secondary institution.


Awarded for recognition of academic achievement in a course or courses; the prize may be in the form of a certificate, book, or monetary value. Additional selection criteria may also be considered.

Full-time studies for scholarships

Students must be registered in a minimum of 12 academic units in two terms in the academic year (May-April)


A student who has received a Bachelor's degree or equivalent and who is enrolled in a program leading to a Master's or Doctoral degree.


An undergraduate student who has completed a minimum of 12 academic units of study in the two academic terms in the 12 month period (May-April) immediately preceding the adjudication of awards; students must normally be returning to full-time studies at UVic in the next Winter Session.


Awarded in recognition of superior academic achievement in a Faculty. Medals are generally given out during the convocation period.


Scholarships are non-repayable funds that recognize outstanding academic achievement. Scholarships are available to both Canadian and International students.


A student who is transferring directly from an undergraduate degree or diploma program at a Canadian college or university into a UVic undergraduate degree program.


A student registered in an undergraduate faculty or in a program leading to a Bachelor's degree or an undergraduate diploma.