Student eligibility for work study

Students wishing to be considered for a work study position must meet the eligibility requirements.

Work study participants must be full-time students

  • undergraduate students: 4.5 units for credit in each term
  • students with a permanent disability: 3.0 units for credit in each term
  • graduate students: as defined by Graduate Admissions and Records

Furthermore, work study participants must not drop below full-time status at any time between September and April.

Eligibility is based on demonstrated financial need, students must:

  1. Complete a work study application
  2. Wait a minimum of 4 full business days to receive the status of application for eligibility, by email, to their preferred UVic email address.

Eligible Students

Students authorized to participate in the work study program will be sent an email informing them of their eligible hours and the study period for which the authorization is valid.  Authorized students may visit the Work Study Program website to view and apply for current postings.  Please be sure to advise the supervisor of your pre-approved work study eligible hours at the time of application, interview and/or hire.

Should you be the successful candidate, the supervisor will contact to request a pdf version of your work study authorization form.  The supervisor will complete, sign and return the work study authorization form to  The student may only commence work once the authorization has been received by Student Awards and Financial Aid.

The eligible student may only accept and work in one work study position at a time.

A Social Insurance Number is required to participate in the work study program
All students must have a valid Social Insurance Number before commencing work in a work study position. Apply for your SIN in person at a Service Canada Centre. The Service Canada Centre in Victoria is located at 1401 Douglas Street. If you have the right documents, you will get a SIN during your visit.

International students - what do I need to apply for a social insurance number?
Original documents are required. Photocopies are not accepted. As an international student, you are a temporary resident of Canada. To qualify for a SIN, temporary residents must provide a passport and one of the following documents issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC):

  • a valid work permit
  • valid study permit that clearly states you 'may accept employment' or 'may work' in Canada
  • valid visitor record that clearly states you are authorized to work in Canada

If you want to use your study permit to qualify for a SIN, but it does not clearly state that you "may accept employment" or "may work" in Canada, contact or visit International Student Services.

Further information is available on the Government of Canada website.


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