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Mr. and Mrs. Farmer

A warm farewell and thank you to the Farmers

Chancellor Murray Farmer's term wraps up on Dec. 31, after six memorable years as the titular head of the university.

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Woman and kids playing with water tap

Rain garden makes a splash for local school

Thanks to UVic master's student Catherine Orr, a new rainwater system and rain garden are now working, entertaining and educating at a local school.

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Roberts shows Madeleine (5 years) and Owen (10 years) Brookes the "Facts of Life" app on her iPad

When it’s time for "the talk"

Need help talking to your kids about sex? There's an app for that.

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Reuven in his lab

Listening to the "voice" of proteins

Reuven Gordon has created a way to record the high-frequency acoustic vibrations of proteins and the technique is about to change the pace of drug discovery.

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People displaying chargebooks near VicPD cruiser

VicPD charge books, with a techno twist

On Nov. 26, historic VicPD charge books from the late 1800s returned to police headquarters after being digitized by volunteers of the Victoria Genealogical Society and UVic Libraries, thanks to early involvement by UVic's RPKM unit.

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Michelle Parker in the lab

A Nobel-filled year for biochemistry grad

Thanks to her research on parasite strategy, Michelle Parker rubbed shoulders with 37 Nobel laureates during her remarkable academic career at UVic, which culminated with a PhD in biochemistry this November.

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CARSA climbing wall

Peninsula Co-op is CARSA’s first corporate naming partner

UVic, thanks to support from its first corporate naming partner, is one step closer to fulfilling the vision for CARSA, opening in 2015. On Nov. 4, a key focal point was named: the Peninsula Co-op Climbing Wall. (Photo: UVic and Peninsula Co-op officials at the base of the newly named wall.)

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UVic Vikes host national rowing championships

Vikes rowing team brings home gold

At the 2014 Canadian University Rowing Championship, hosted Nov. 1-2 at Elk Lake by UVic, the Vikes men took home gold in the men’s eight and lightweight double while finishing second overall in team standings by four points. The women took home three silvers and a bronze in the eight to finish third overall.

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About UVic

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Happy holidays from UVic!

UVic students share their holiday wishes for the world. From all of us here at the University of Victoria, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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