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Nelson in a lab

Mobilizing a cellular army

New research is using our own immune systems to battle cancer.

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Terry Pearson in a lab

A single drop of blood

A team of researchers based at UVic is poised to revolutionize medical diagnostics with new, less-invasive methods that can be applied to a variety of diseases and wellness monitoring.

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UVic faculty standing along beach

Canada’s academic stars are coming to Victoria

Eight UVic faculty members are being honoured for their impact in areas vital to Canada and the world.

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World map showing groundwater availability

A third of the world drinks groundwater every day

A UVic–led study estimates less than six per cent of global supply is renewable in a human lifespan.

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Tumbler Ridge, BC coal

New initiative to examine fossil fuel networks in Western Canada

A six-year collaborative initiative, partly funded by SSHRC and jointly led by UVic, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Parkland Institute, will map the networks of fossil fuel industries in Western Canada. (Photo: Tumbler Ridge, BC coal / Credit: Picture BC initiative)

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First Peoples House on the UVic campus

UVic's response to TRC recommendations

UVic is drawing inspiration from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report to renew our commitment to contributing to reconciliation with Canada's Indigenous Peoples and working towards the goal of closing the educational achievement gap.

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Maker Lab artifacts

Electro-mobile skull jewelry underpins new kit for cultural history

Just in time for Hallowe'en, UVic's Maker Lab in the Humanities launched its first "kit" for cultural history at Rutgers University in New Jersey. It includes an 1860s invention—a skull stickpin—recreated 100 years later by the UVic team as part of the maker movement in digital humanities.

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Reaching for the stars

UVic know-how is helping world astronomers peer more clearly into the cosmos.

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Healing through connection

The discovery of a decades-old collection of children’s paintings gives new perspectives on the residential school experience — and adds hope for making things right.

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21 hours ago

Jess Neilson has been blazing trails for women’s sports since she was 8. UVic Vikes

Jess Neilson - University of Victoria
The athletics facility, CARSA, offers an array of training and rehab options all under one roof, which eases some stress in a hectic student athlete timetable. Even so, the demands on Vikes team members’ time are great. A scholarship can take away the pressure of fitting in part-time work around sch…

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1 day ago

"Culture can be disturbing. Culture can transform our norms. Culture can actually bring new insight to society"—UVic composer Dániel Péter Biró.

A conservationist of culture

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