Work study information for department heads

Call for project proposals for the 2021/22 work study program

These part-time jobs are spread throughout the campus, providing opportunities for departments to gain student expertise and assistance, and providing students with much-needed earnings and experience.

Work study proposals with clerical, technical or child care duties as the primary focus of the job will be considered CUPE 951 positions. Students hired into these positions will be assessed union dues. Work study positions may not displace regular institutional employees.

Departments will receive a work study call for proposals memo by email. This memo includes all links to information necessary to participate in the program. Department secretaries, chairs, directors and heads are asked to forward the memo to all interested parties within their department.

Program details

Department Heads must prioritize the department's proposals and list them in rank order on the proposal priority list. Please contact Rachel Baird, Financial Aid and Work Study Assistant, at , if you have any difficulty opening this document.

The proposal priority list, completed contracts, and all job postings must be received by email to  no later than June 7, 2021.

If multiple positions are requested by the same supervisor, then only one contract per supervisor need be completed.

Only those positions the department head, or designate, has listed on the departmental proposal priority list will be considered.

Once all submissions have been vetted, and all departments have been allocated a level of funding, we will advise each department head of the status of their department's requests by memo via campus mail.  Proposal submissions received after the deadline cannot be considered.

Positions approved for funding will be published on the Student Awards and Financial Aid Work Study website on September 8, 2021.


For more information, please contact: