Registered education savings plan (RESP)

Undergraduate students who are required to have their Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) forms completed by the Office of the Registrar should refer to the information below. Please read it carefully to ensure you complete all required steps.

This information is applicable for the forms issued by the Children’s Education Fund (CEF), Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan (CST), Heritage Scholarship Trust Foundation (HST), and USC Education Savings Plans (USC), now known as Knowledge First Financial.


Are you registered in courses as a full-time student?

Many RESP plans require that you be a full-time student as defined by the post-secondary institution you attend.

At the University of Victoria, an Undergraduate student registered in 12 or more units of study in the Winter Session (September to April) or 6 or more units in a single Winter Session (First or Second term) or in the Summer Session (May to August) is considered a full time student.

Students who are registered in a Coop work term are considered a full time student for the term that they are registered.

See "Are you a co-op student?" if you are a co-op student on a work term during Winter Session.

You cannot apply for your RESP until you have registered in courses as the University of Victoria is required to report actual course registrations to your plan holder.

Have you reached the year standing required by your RESP plan holder?

Some RESP plans require that you progress to the next year standing each time you apply to receive funds.

Your year standing does not indicate how many years you have attended a post-secondary institution; it reflects how many units you have earned by completing courses. The following shows how units are used to classify your year standing at the University of Victoria. Please note that work term units are not included in the calculation of year standing.

Year 1 is fewer than 12 units

Year 2 is 12 – 26.5 units

Year 3 is 27 – 41.5 units

Year 4 is 42 or more units

Have you completed and signed the beneficiary information area of your form?

Make sure your name, student number, and agreement or plan numbers are filled out on your plan application form, and that you have signed the beneficiary area of the form.

Have you included a void cheque with your application?

A “void” cheque is required for direct deposit purposes. If you do not have a cheque, your RESP carrier will mail your payment to you. Make sure you sign the area to authorize direct deposit if you are providing a void cheque.

Are you a co-op student?

If you are planning to enroll in a co-op for either term, you must have your job lined up and notify the co-op office to register you in the actual course -declaring your co-op is not the same as being registered in a work term.

If you do not have your job lined up it is your responsibility to obtain a letter from your co-op office stating your approved intention of undertaking a work term. If that is not possible, you should register in courses as a full-time student.

If you are in a co-op work term in one of the terms of Winter Session, you must have at least 6.0 units of course registrations in the other term to be a full-time student. Work terms in both terms of a Winter Session count as full-time attendance.

Verification of enrolment letter

If your RESP plan is with a bank or trust company and not with one of the above listed providers, you will need to order a verification of enrolment letter.

Verification of enrolment letters are available on-demand and free of charge.

You may require one of these letters if you need to confirm your registration at UVic for various reasons.

Order a verification of enrolment letter

Looking for a confirmation of enrolment? These are different and are required for student loans.

Getting your verification form to the RESP provider

Students are responsible for sending verification of enrolment letters to RESP providers as supporting documentation for releasing their RESP funds. Please note that the verification forms are in lieu of the Office of the Registrar signing any forms.

Note: The University of Victoria is not responsible for any applications received by RESP companies after the July 31/ January 31 deadlines that are penalized due to late submission and/or payment on the beneficiary's behalf.

It is the responsibility of students to ensure that they have course registrations that meet plan requirements, their RESP form has been submitted with all student areas completed.