How to accept your entrance scholarship

Successful recipients will be notified in writing by the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office.

To accept your scholarship offer:

  1. Have a NetLink ID
  2. Go to and sign into your UVic Online Tools account using your NetLink ID
  3. Select 'Student Services' on the top menu
  4. Select "Finances" and "Awards and financial aid"
  5. Select "View the status of your awards"
  6. Enter the Year and Period of study
  7. Select "Accept" on the scholarship(s) you have been offered

Answers to common questions

When will I find out if I am receiving a scholarship?

Students will be notified of an entrance/transfer scholarship by email. This email will direct you to accept the award on your UVic Online tools

When will I receive my scholarship funds?

Your scholarship funds will be disbursed into your student tuition and fee account and applied to your Winter Session fees by September 30, provided you are registered in a minimum of 12.0 academic units or a minimum of 6.0 academic units if you are registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning. Waitlisted courses are not included.

If you have a scholarship credit remaining in your account after the last day to add courses for the fall term, you may request a refund cheque by contacting

Please note, we will be reviewing Grade 12 official final marks in August. It is at this time your scholarship may be adjusted or withdrawn.

How can I say thank you?

Does your scholarship have a donor? If there is an "Award Donor' link beside your scholarship name on your UVic Online tools account, please take the time to complete the Thank You Letter Form.

What are the benefits of receiving an entrance scholarship?

Any current secondary school student who receives an entrance scholarship based on admission average is eligible for priority registration.

Please note, transfer students and secondary school graduates are not eligible for priority registration.

Can I use my scholarship to pay for housing fees?

If a credit remains in your account after your scholarship has been applied towards full-time studies in the Winter Session (September to April), you may request a transfer of funds to Residence Services after the last day to add courses for the fall term by contacting

Students may request a payment deadline extension for the balance of their residence fees by sending an email to For more information visit Residence Services.

Can I receive a refund of scholarship funds?

Scholarship funds are automatically applied towards your Winter Session (September to April) fees. If you have a credit remaining in your account after the funds have been applied to full-time studies, you may request a refund from after the last day to add courses for the fall term. Please note, if you withdraw from full-time studies (minimum of 12.0 academic units) during the Winter Session, your scholarship may be withdrawn and, if you have received a refund cheque, tuition will now be added to your tuition and fees account. 

Am I still eligible if I drop or withdraw from a course?

If you drop or withdraw from a class and fall below 12.0 academic units in the Winter Session (September to April) your scholarship will be withdrawn. All UVic scholarships require a student to register and maintain enrolment in 12.0 academic units in two terms of study, unless they are in a registered co-op/work-term or are registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL).

If you have any questions about whether you will be in jeopardy of losing your scholarship due to course withdrawal, please contact the Entrance Scholarship Officer at  or the In-course Scholarship Officer at

Please note that if you drop a class and fall below 12.0 academic units of study, you will no longer be eligible for the general in-course scholarships for the following academic year.