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Microsoft 365 email is a cloud email service provided through UVic's Microsoft 365 subscription. It is a replacement for the legacy webmail service.

Who is eligible for Microsoft 365 email accounts?

All students current enrolled in courses at UVic are eligible for an Microsoft 365 email account provided they: 

  • Aren't a full-time employee of UVic
  • Don't already have an email account within UVic's Employee Email system

What features are included?

M365 email is more than just email. You also get:

How much storage do I get?

Your M365 email storage limit is 100GB. Email attachments are limited to 50MB.

What browsers can I use to access

See Microsoft's list of supported browsers for (Outlook on the web).

I migrated email from legacy webmail and now I have extra folders!

If you migrated your emails from your old UVic email into your new Microsoft 365 email, it will have migrated all of your emails and folders, including your Junk, Deleted, Sent, and Trash folders. Here's an example:

Extra folders from email migration


The extra folders have a generic folder icon to the left of the folder name when you view your Microsoft 365 inbox at

The Junk, Deleted, and Sent folders in your new Microsoft 365 email account will have unique icons to the left of the folder name: Sent Items will have a paper plane icon, Deleted Items will have a trash can icon, and Junk Email will have a blocked circle icon. 

The new Microsoft 365 folders will also be above the migrated folders by default.  You will not be able to delete or rename the Microsoft 365 Junk, Deleted, and Sent folders.

Should I delete the extra folders or can I keep them?

The migrated Junk, Deleted, Sent, and Trash folders will not affect the functionality your new folders, but to avoid confusion you may wish to rename the migrated folders.  You can rename the migrated folders by right-clicking them and pressing Rename

You will not be able to rename the Microsoft 365 Junk, Deleted, and Sent folders.

How do I manage email forwarding?

Students can contact the Computer Help Desk to setup or change email forwarding. 

How long can I keep my email?

You lose access to your UVic email account when you're no longer a current student. We recommend moving your important email to a different email account before the end of your last semester.

What happens to my email account after I lose access?

Once you leave UVic, a Microsoft 365 email account is archived for up to 1 year in the event you return to UVic. All archived account data is deleted after 1 year.

Where can I find Outlook help articles?

Microsoft has a training portal full of helpful topics organized by operating system type. If you're interested in seeing all of their topics and quick start videos, check out Microsoft Support: Outlook training

If you're just looking for a few specifics, we've put together a list of common resources for Windows, macOS, and mobile devices as well.


If you like using Outlook on the web, check out Microsoft Support: Get help with Outlook on the web for a full list of support topics. Some common ones are:

Microsoft Support article: Create a signature and automatic reply

Microsoft Support article: Use inbox rules in Outlook on the web

Microsoft Support article: Using contacts (People) in Outlook on the web

Microsoft Support article: Import or subscribe to a calendar in Outlook on the web

Microsoft Support article: Schedule a meeting with other people