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30 by 30 Women in Engineering Award



Active Earth Engineering Award for Indigenous Students in STEM

B. Barbara Adams Scholarship

Murray Adaskin Prize in Music Composition

Robyn Kathleen Addison Scholarship in Environmental Studies

Evelyn Adu-Febiri International Business Scholarship

Affinity Law Group Financial Hardship Bursary

James A. and Laurette Agnew Memorial Award

Ainsworth Carter Scholarship

Ainsworth-Carter Piano and Violin Fund

Ainsworth-Carter Opportunity Fund

Mary Aitken Legacy Scholarship in Writing Scholarship

Sandra Ann Chisholm MacLean Aitken Graduate Award

All Our Relations Scholarship

Anna Isabelle Allen Scholarships in the School of Social Work

Eleanor Mitchell Allen Award in Nursing

Alliance Francaise de Victoria Book Prize in Memory of Dr. W. D. Witherspoon

Alumni Association Scholarships

Alzheimer Society of BC Clinical Fellowship in Cognitive Health

Arenas & Artemiw Award in Engineering

Joseph Arvay Social Justice Award

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia Scholarship

Athenic Entrepreneurship Award

ÁTOL,ÁNW̱: A Season of Just and Fair Treatment Award

Audain Professorship in Contemporary Art Practice of the Pacific Northwest

Audain Travel Award

Anne Pomeroy Autor Lectureship for the Humanities in the Biomedical Sciences

Anne Pomeroy Autor Award in Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Hinda Avery Graduate Scholarship in Animal Rights and Law

Dr. Hinda Avery Holocaust Studies Scholarship

Award for Student Refugees

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Joan Backus Scholarship in Music

Jean and Archie Bain Scholarship

A. MacLeod Baird Memorial Prize in Scottish History

Kathy Bakony Scholarship in Art History and Visual Studies

Sarah D. Bakony Memorial Scholarship

Stacey Reginald Ball Prize

Norah & Calvin Banks Indigenous Science Scholarship

Norah & Calvin Banks Chemistry Scholarship

Norah & Calvin Banks Indigenous Leadership Award in the Sciences

Barkley Sound Field School Student Award

Dr. Lewis and Mrs. Caroline Bartlett Memorial Fund

Dave Barrett Scholarship

John and Marilyn Bate Scholarship in Recreation and Health Education

Pat Martin Bates Scholarship

BC Association of Social Workers' Prize

Doug Beardsley Scholarship

Margaret and Harold Beckwith Memorial Prize in Music

Marc Bell Scholarship in Environmental Studies

William Benzie Memorial Scholarship

Mary Dorothy Jones Bessex Award

Pat Bevan Scholarship in Writing

Birdwood Fund Endowment

Ailsa and Roger Bishop Bursary

Bit Quill Technologies Scholarship for Women in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Black Press Business Scholarships

George Black Memorial Scholarship

Edward "Teddy" Blenkinsop Scholarship

Gregory Blue Scholarship in Global History

Allan Boag Scholarship

Boehm Family Award for Excellence in Science

Boehm Family Award for Undergraduate Travel

Boehm-Hesser Graduate Research Excellence in Astronomy Award

Martin Bonham and Lloyd Howard Travel to Italy Award

Basil Boulton Scholarship

Joyce and Don Brake Scholarship in Music

British Columbia Psychological Association

Elta Brown and Peggy Mika Nursing Scholarship

John Michael Brownutt Scholarship

Vera Flett Keddy Buchanan Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy Buchsein Prize in Piano

Elizabeth Buckley School Award

Melody D. Bullough Bursary in the School of Nursing

George Jennings Burnett Memorial Bursary

Churchill Foundation Vancouver Island's Shirley Burstall Scholarship in History

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Pablo Cabanas Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Shawn Cafferky Scholaship in Military History

Sheila Calvert Memorial Scholarship

Cameron Environmental Law Award

Ian Cameron Scholarship in Educational Measurement & Evaluation

Paige Cameron Memorial Bursary

Howie Campbell Men’s Rowing Award

Canadian International Council (CIC) Victoria Scholarship

Canadian Judicial Indigenous Law Scholar Award

Canadian Society of Senior Engineers - Engineering Institute of Canada (CSSE-EIC) Vancouver Island Award

Canet Foundation Scholarship Endowment

Stephen Canning Memorial Scholarship

Carbery Family Golf Award

Carmanah Prize in Eco-Technology

Deanna Carter Biochemistry Award

Cassels Shaw Graduate Fellowship

Marion Cassels Memorial Indigenous Athletics Award

Patricia Caygill Scholarship

Certificate of Indigenous Language Revitalization Program Award

CFUW Victoria Centennial Scholarship

CFUW Victoria Diana Morgan Humanities Scholarship

Ed Chala Memorial Men's Soccer Award

Leo Chan Memorial Scholarship in Political Science

Rosy and Steven Chan Memorial Bursary

Chaney Fund

Chapman Memorial Scholarship

Neena Chappell Scholarship

Haji Charania Family Bursary

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Victoria Award

Barry Chow Vikes Basketball Award

Betty Jamie Chung Scholarships

Churchill Foundation Vancouver Island's Aleck Trawick Scholarship in Political Science

Churchill Foundation Vancouver Island Barry Gough Scholarship in English

Lieutenant-general S. F. Clark, CBE CD Scholarship

Coastal Climate Solutions Leaders Graduate Scholarship

Kathleen G. Collis Art Therapy Scholarship

Commerce Student Society Community Engagement Award

Marilynne Convey Scholarship

Clarence C. Cook Memorial Scholarship

Dr. David Cook Memorial Award

Wendy Copeland Cooper Award

Fred Cooperstock Scholarship

Don and Drina Corker Bursary

Peter Corless Mechanical Engineering Award

Harold Coward Research Fellowship Fund

Eileen Lillian Cowling Memorial Bursary

Peter Coy Scholarship in Music

COYA scholarship

Heather Cragg Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Valentine Guy Criswick Scholarship

Goldy Cross Memorial Bursary

Michael Crowe/VFABC Bursary

Cuchulain Vikes Rugby Award

Curry Bursary

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Lucie Daigle Memorial Scholarship in Linguistics

Hilda Dancey Library Endowment

Myrna McEwen Daniels Scholarship

Terry Daniels Scholarship

Terry and Myrna Daniels Award

Terry and Myrna Daniels Scholarship in Music

Terry and Myrna Daniels Award in Indigenous Education

Davison Graduate Award in Russian and Slavic Studies

Jeremy Robert Davison Scholarship

Drina Fraser Davison Bursary

Murray Dawson Fellowship in Humanities

Maureen de Burgh Memorial Scholarship

Adeline Deloume Memorial Scholarship

The Denton Memorial Book Prize

Dr. Elisabeth Dixon Scholarship in Chemistry

Nina Dobbyn Award

Marlene Donaldson Vikes Women's Rugby Award

Eugene Dowling and Dennis Latham Scholarship

Gwladys and Gwen Downes Scholarship in Theatre

Dianne Draper Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship Scholarship

L. E. Frances Druce Awards

Dave Ian Dunnet Music Education Scholarship

Joyce and Bill Dunning Bursary in Social Work

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E & S Theatre Scholarship

Easton Scholarship

Jack Ebbels Scholarship in Public Administration

Edwards Kenny & Bray Award for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Students in Law

Riley Jane Elholm Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Wilma Elias Scholarships

Emily Ellingsen Award

Richard Ely Scholarship

Enbridge Scholarship in Engineering and Computer Science

Enbridge Travel Award for Engineering and Computer Science Students

Engineering Students' Society Stream B. Award For Community Involvement

Engineers and Geoscientists BC Municipal Engineers Division Award

Wendy Diane Esdale Bursary

Wendy Diane Esdale Graduate Scholarship

Wendy Diane Esdale Undergraduate Scholarship

Margaret A. Evans Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

Corrina Ewan Memorial Scholarship

Excellence in Math

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Elsa Eleonora Fagerberg & Clara Maria Fagerberg Entrance Scholarships and Bursaries

Faculty Association Memorial Award

Faculty of Fine Arts Indigenous Student Award

Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. Entrance Bursary

Terry and Leslie Farmer Scholarships

Ferguson Graduate Research Award in Digital Health

Malcolm Fernandes Memorial Award

Annie Finnerty Bursary

First Open Heart Society of B.C. Scholarship

First West Credit Union Launi Skinner Indigenous Scholarship

Gordon and Hilda Fitch Scholarship

Fix Rugby Award

David Harris Flaherty Scholarship

Richard and Elizabeth Flury Scholarship

Flynn Family Award

Joyce Folbigg Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Theatre, Music & Environmental Studies

Dr. Esme Foord Scholarships

Muriel Ford Memorial Bursary

Robert W. Ford Awards

For the Love of Film Scholarship

Louise and Peter Fothergill-Payne Memorial Scholarships

Freedom 55 Financial Fitness and Community Wellness Award

John Carling Fraser Memorial Scholarship & Bursary

Jeanette Funke-Furber and Robert Furber Scholarship

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W. H. Gaddes Scholarship

Susannah Melanie Lynn Gagnon Scholarship in Biochemistry

Museum Studies Award in Memory of Dr. Daniel Gallacher

Elaine Gallagher Award

Esther S. Gardom Scholarship

Wendy M. Gedney Bursary in Elementary Education

Geological Association of Canada, Pacific Section Scholarship

Gervin Metis Award for Distinguished Advocacy and Leadership

Ann R. Gibson Endowment

Dr. Carol Gibson Scholarship

Dax Gibson Memorial Award in Gender Studies

Dax Gibson Memorial Scholarship in Gender Studies & Anthropology

Joginder and Amrik Gill Bursary

Richard Gilhooley & Karen Ockelton Scholarship

KiraGood Scholarship

W. R. (Bill) Gordon Scholarship

Barry Gough Scholarship in History

Barry Gough Scholarship in Marine Environmental History

John Gough Scholarship for Studies in the History of the Environment

Graduate of 1976 Visual Arts Scholarship

Candis Graham Writing Scholarship Lambda Foundation Fund

Trish Grainge Schoarship

Eleanor Gray Memorial Scholarship in Music

Greater Victoria Chamber 1863 Impact Award

Glenn and Pauline Greene Scholarship in Nursing

Brian Grieve Entrance Scholarship

Grotius Award in Modern History

Peter B. Gustavson Golf Award

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Dr. James B. Haddow Scholarship

Emil and Lynette Hain Scholarship in Ukrainian Studies

Lynette F. Hain Memorial Scholarship in French

Aldyen Hamber Entrance Scholarship

Hamber Foundation Gender Studies Bursary

Leonard and Eileen Hamilton Scholarship in Spanish & Italian Studies

Shelley Lynne Hamilton Memorial Graduate Bursary

Hargrove Award for Science and Service

Sandra Louise Harper and Don Barnhardt Award in Indigenous Law

Harper Grey LLP and Life in Law Diversity Award

Harris and Company Awards

Ted Harrison - Wingate Art Education Bursary

Lee Hayes Scholarship

Michael Hayes Award in Public Health and Social Policy

Charles and Ruth Haywood Memorial Scholarships/Bursaries

Ruth Haywood Memorial Bursary in Music

Women in Development Graduate Bursary in memory of Dr. Alan Hedley

Robert Herchak Graduate Scholarship in Ukrainian Studies

Y.P. Heung Foundation Post-Secondary Scholarship

Dr. Margaret "Marmie" Perkins Hess Awards

Thomas M. Hess Scholarship in Indigenous Language Revitalization

Grace and Harry Hickman Scholarship

Dana Hlavac-Winsor Scholarship

Frank Hobbs Educational Bursary

Diana and Martin Hocking Graduate Award

Alan J. Hodgson Memorial Scholarship

Hoelscher Family Award

Lauretta McCall Holdridge Bursary

Home Depot, Gordon Head Residents' Association Scholarship

Albert Hung Chao Hong Scholarships/Awards

Mina Hoorfar Award for Women in Engineering and Computer Science

Mina Hoorfar Award for Indigenous Students in Engineering and Computer Science

Mary Marjorie Horan Scholarship/Bursary

Frank Hori Awards

Michiel Horn Scholarship

Howlers Rugby Award

Chih-Chuang and Yien-Ying Wang Hsieh Award

Ted and Helen Hughes Entrance Award

Hunter Family Athletic Award

Ken Hurn Bursary in Elementary Education

Hutchinson Bekius Scholarship in History

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Simon Ibell Vikes Inspiration Award

Mohamed and Prabha Ibrahim Awards in Chemistry

IEEE Pacific Rim Vijay Bhargava Scholarship

Insolvency Institute of Canada Prize in Insolvency Studies

Investors Group Athletic Award

Inuit Women Legal Scholar Award

Iranian Student Memorial Scholarship

Martlet Chapter, IODE Cuthbert Holmes English Honours Essay Scholarship

IODE Victoria Municipal Chapter Scholarship

Royal Bride Chapter IODE Scholarship

Rita Irwin Scholarship

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Sydney W. Jackman Prize in British History

Dr. Toby Jackman Book Prize in British History

Graeme Jackson Award

Allen P. James Scholarship

Alan Steven John Awards in Visual Arts

A. Wilfrid Johns Memorial Scholarship

Cynthia Johnston Women in Economics

Allan and Ora Jones Bursary

Marilyn June Jones Cello Fund Endowment

Alfred Joseph Memorial Award

Hazel Lara Joseph and Herbert Hartley Smith Scholarship

Joyce Family Foundation Award for Indigenous Students

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Bibi K. Khan Award

Kairos Scholarship

Joseph and Melitta Kandler Scholarship

Patricia Burns Keir Prize in Canadian Art

Simon Keith Foundation Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame Award

Betty and Gilbert Kennedy Scholarships

William and Doreen Kerby Scholarship in Medieval British Literature

James and Phillippa Kerr Graduate Scholarship in Nursing

James and Phillippa Kerr Scholarship in Public Health

Freeman F. King Scholarship

Charles Kint Bursary

Alexander and Glenda Kirk Award

Georgia Klap Award

Anna Bertha and Frank Kluge Scholarship

Knowledge First Foundation Scholarship

Don Knowles Memorial Scholarship

Pat Köster Scholarship in Women's Writing, 1660-1990

Pat Köster Essary Scholarship in Women's Writing, 1660-1900

Greg and Tanya Kuhn International Student Award

Cindy Kung Memorial Award for Women in Health Information Science

William & Amelia Kushniryk Memorial Award

Dr. Burton O. Kurth Scholarship for Excellence in English in English Honours

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Paulette Lacroix Nursing Informatics Leadership Scholarship

Lafarge Canada Scholarship in Civil Engineering

Wilson S.C. Lai Scholarship

Chris Lalonde Indigenous Wellbeing Award

Nancy Lamb Chemistry Scholarship

Nancy Lamb Scholarship in Piano

Allardice Lancaster Scholarship

Anita A. Lancaster Scholarship

Langford-Seaborne Scholarship

Langford-Seaborne Award for Indigenous Students in Humanities

Langford-Seaborne Award for Indigenous Students in Social Sciences

Rose Won Lau Business Scholarship

Indigenous Law Student Award

Aaron Learmont Memorial Scholarship

Eric LeBlanc Memorial Scholarship

Lee Mong Kow Bursary

George Lee Law Corporation Scholarship

Larry Lee Kinesiology Bursary/Scholarship

Irene Lee Book Prize in Latin

Irene Lee Scholarship/Bursary in English

Lehan Family Activism and the Arts Lecture Endowment

Lei & Di Medical Physics Graduate Scholarship

Level Up Award (Codename Entertainment)

Peter Liddell Award in Humanities Computing

Life in Law Diversity Award

Heather J. Lindstedt and Brian A. Pollick Fellowship

Rob and Tammy Lipson Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Don Lobb Men’s Rugby Award

Gwen Lock Scholarship for Women

Professor Alfred E. Loft Memorial Scholarship

Professor Alfred E. Loft Memorial Scholarship

Lorne Loomer Rowing Award

Dr. Charlotte Loppie Award

Albert Loucks Bursary

Margot K. Louis Award

Eunice Lowe Award for Entrepreneurship Studies

Corrine Lowen Memorial Award in Social Dimensions of Health

Ana and Peter Lowens Scholarship in Victorian Literature

Robert and Nancy Love Bursary

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Eileen L. MacGregor Gordon Scholarship

Philip MacIntyre Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

Roderick MacIsaac Graduate Scholarship

Ronald F. MacIsaac Prize

Brian Mackenzie Memorial Scholarship

Alec Maclean Award in Economics

Marion (Watson) MacLeod Memorial Scholarship

Morag MacNeil Scholarship

Hannah Madgen Memorial Bursary

Jeffrey Mallett Leadership Award

Elias Mandel Prize for Study Abroad

Mandell Pinder LLP Indigenous Law Scholar Award

Mansell-McLellan Entrance Scholarship

Douglas and Jennifer Mann Scholarship

Malcolm Manson Memorial Fund

Jessie Mantle Fellowship in Nursing

Edna and Jack Marshall Indigenous Fine Arts Scholarship

Mary Catherine and Gloria Marshall Memorial Award

Vivian Marshall and Rob Morris Memorial Music Award

Dr. Shelley Anne Martin Memorial Scholarship

Carl and Audrey Mawby CFUW Saanich Peninsula Bursary

Thomas and Elizabeth Mayne Bursary in Theatre

Marilyn McCall Bursary in Psychology

Benson McCallum Bursary

McCarthy Tetrault Prize in Contracts

Carolyn E. & Robert J. McCormick Indigenous Entrance Scholarship

Marilyn McCrimmon Scholarship in Education

Hector and Carol McDonald Scholarship in Greek and Roman Studies

Ted L. McDorman Entrance Scholarship in Law

Ian McDougall Scholarship in Jazz

David McGillivray Scholarships

Olive, Mary and Claude McGregor Scholarships in Music

Barbara McIntyre Scholarship in Theatre

Barbara McIntyre Scholarship in Applied Theatre

Alice Lough McLaggan Bursary for Students with a Disability

Anne McLaughlin Legacy Scholarship in Education

Anne and Doug McLaughlin Scholarship

Maureen McLeod Scholarship in Geography

John Patrick McManaman CPA Memorial Award

Grant McOrmond Scholarship for English Literature

R. W. "Bob" McQueen Economics Award

James McRae Award in Rowing

Ian McTaggart-Cowan Professorship in Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Restoration

Ian and Joyce McTaggart-Cowan Scholarship

Dr. Ian and Joyce McTaggart-Cowan Scholarship in Environmental Studies

Del Meidinger Travel Scholarship

Dr. Norma Mickelson Legacy Scholarship

Michael Miller Scholarship

Freya Milne Memorial Fund

Roberta Evelyn Milnes Scholarship

mistermerv Graduate Scholarship in Writing (Merv Porath)

Carol Ann Mitchell Bursary

Carol Ann Mitchell Graduate Scholarship

Carol Ann Mitchell Undergraduate Scholarship

Reg Mitchell Memorial Scholarship

Janet Moerman Memorial Award

Mike Monahan Golf Award

Brian Money and Nancy Dyer Accordion Scholarship in Music

John Money Prize in British History

Betty Anne Montgomery Memorial Award

Science Undergraduate Research Awards (SURA) - Eva May Moody

Moon Patrol Audet Award in Business

Gwyn Morgan "Be An Engineer" Bursary

Douglas Gibb Morton Memorial Bursary

Mosaic Forest Management Award in Indigenous Language Revitalization

Doreen Moser Scholarship

Edward Mothersill Scholarship

Betty Moyls Memorial Award

MT+Co. Leonard George Memorial Indigenous Law Scholar Award

Ida May Munro Bursary in Education

Robert J. Murphy Travel Award in Greek and Roman Studies Endowment

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Mary Naidu Entrance Scholarship for Indigenous Students

Dr. Nandi Scholarship

Native Northwest Reconciliation Award

Nelson Family Bursary

Neville - Elworthy Men’s Rowing Equipment Endowment

Neville - Elworthy Women’s Rowing Equipment Endowment

New Car Dealers Association of BC Entrance Scholarship

Nimród Student Mobility Award

Jacob Noseworthy Memorial Scholarship

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Oak Bay Heritage Foundation Award in Cultural Resource Management

Oak Bay High Nick Mathers and Dylan Jones Memorial Award

Oak Bay and Saanich Centennial Scholarship

Geoffrey & Alix O'Grady Scholarship in Linguistics

Olthuis Kleer Townshend Indigenous Law Scholar Award

One Heart for Reconciliation Award

Onuma's Opus Award

Opening Night Scholarship

Opportunity Entrance Award for Indigenous Students

Orca Book Publishers Awards

Gail O'Riordan Memorial Graduate Award for Cello

Thomas Frederick (Bill) Orr Scholarship

Edward Philip Oscapella Scholarship in Music

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Pacific Edge Chorus Scholarship

Sanjeev Singh Parmar Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Frank Parnell Memorial Award

Hazel Partridge-Smith Awards in Creative Writing

Edward B. Paul Memorial Scholarship

PBC Health Benefits Society Scholarship in Lifelong Health

Pearson Family Africa Award

Gladys Pearson Indigenous Student Scholarship

Gilbert and Marie Alice Peart Awards

Trudy & Doug Peden Vikes Women in Sport Award

Anthony Gerard 'Bud' Peetz Scholarships

Pemberton Holmes Entrance Scholarship in Honour of Davine Burton

PEO Chapter ‘N’ Memorial Prize

Andrew Petter Award in Law

Derrick & Lytta Pereira Education Scholarship

Nellie Perry Bursary

Tom Perry Award for Social Responsibility

Janet Person Legacy Award

John Peter Memorial Scholarship

William Petrie Scholarship

Constance Ann Pettit Scholarship in French

Susan Patricia Phillips Memorial Prize

Helen Pitt Fund Bursaries & Awards

Cindy Player Award on Equity and Human Rights

PMI Vancouver Island Education Award

Pooni Family Awards in Geography & Business

Dr. Marion Porath Awards

Dr. Marion Porath Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Voice

Alfred and Adriana Potvin Scholarship in Ocean Science

Elizabeth (Betty) Valentine Prangnell Scholarship

Pratt-Short Memorial Scholarship

Presquito Murdoch Indigenous Law Award

Promise Scholarship in Physics and Astronomy

J. Prospero Scholarship for Sustainable Mining

Keith Provost Memorial Scholarship in Theatre

Michele Pujol Bursary in Women's Studies

Bonnie and Ken Putt Award

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Avis Rasmussen Award

Ratcliff and Company Indigenous Law Scholar Award

Lothar Hermann Redlin Memorial Scholarship

Reliable Controls Award in Computer Science

Marion Ricker Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

James Riddell Memorial Scholarship

Mackenzie Rigg Men's Soccer Award

Ritchie Foundation MBA Scholarship

Ritchie Foundation MBA Entrance Scholarship

Ritchie Foundation Travel Awards

RPIA ACE Finance Award for BIPOC Students

Wayne Robertson, QC Access to Justice Bursary

Robertson Wiens Mathematics Bursary

T’łat’laḵuł Dr. Trish Rosborough Memorial Scholarship in Indigenous Language Revitalization

Ruth Rose Memorial Award

Ross Geography Scholarships

Douglas Ross Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Michael Ross Memorial Award in Surgery

R.H. Roy Scholarship in Military History

Royal Jubilee Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Student Award

Sheila Ryan and Eileen Ryan Awards


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Saanich Employees Benefit Association Award

Salish Sea Hub Graduate Scholarship

Salish Weave Indigenous Legal Scholar Award

Satir-Banmen-Lum Counselling Psychology Scholarship

H.D. Sauvan Award

Scales Family Fellowship

Harry Schamhart Hockey Award

Lambert Joseph Schill Award

Marguerite Emma Grace Scholefield Bursary in Teacher Education

Faculty of Science Life Science Innovation Fund

Bea Scott Scholarship in Voice

Darlene Scott Scholarship

Vic Scott Award in Voice Accompaniment

Sellehmah Scholarship

Nora Lugrin Shaw and Wendell Brrill Shaw Memorial Scholarship

She Shoots She Scores Award

Hilda Shilliday Nursing Award

Marvin Shinbrot Memorial Scholarship

Jesse Short-Gershman Memorial Scholarship

Geraldine and Peter Shostak Scholarship in Ukrainian Studies

Kedar Shrikhande Memorial Scholarship for Students with a Disability

Silberberg Family Memorial Award

Zohra and Abdullah Siddiqui Scholarship

Simba Technologies Inc. Scholarship

Ray and Naomi Simpson Scholarship

Kishan Singh & Kartar Kaur Sidhu Memorial Bursary

Skeena Scholarship in Creative Writing

George & Dorothy Smith Soccer Award

Manda Ruth Smith Bursary

Peter L. Smith Scholarship

R. R. Smith Memorial Fund Foundation

SMONEC Natural Sciences Scholarship for Graduate & Undergraduate Students

Social Justice Award

Andrew Soles Scholarship

Spicer Vikes Men’s Rugby Award

Steven P. Starkovich Opportunity Award

Steven P. Starkovich Promise Scholarship

Neil J. Sterritt Legacy Fellowship

Harvey Stevenson Southam Lecturer in Journalism and Non-Fiction

Ross Ian Storey Graduate Scholarship

Cecilia and Ken Strong Fellowship

Harvey S. Southam Program in Writing and Editing

Paul R. N. Spencer Bursary

Gregory and Victoria Spievak Graduate Scholarship in Privacy and Security

Inez St. Dennis Memorial Music Education Service Award

Christine St. Peter Scholarship

Jane Glavin St. Peter Scholarship

David Stanonik Pacific Northern Gas Scholarship

The John and Julia Stashuk scholarship

Doris and Harry Stastny Bursaries

Stephens Family Graduate and Undergraduate Research Awards in Organic & Sustainable Food Systems

Elsa Stephens Scholarship in Nursing

Dr. Kim Stevenson Memorial Award in Anesthesiology

Ian H. Stewart Graduate Fellowship

Charles and Lois Stockey Endowment Fund

Colette Storrow Award

Johann Strauss Foundation Scholarships in Music

Dr. Ian Stuart Memorial PhD Award

Maurice William Summerhayes Memorial Scholarship

Maurice William Summerhayes Memorial Bursaries

SunTracker Technologies Scholarship

Saurabh Suryavanshi Award

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TANSI Bursary and TANSI Scholarship

Doug Tate Men's Rugby Award

Arthur Taylor Memorial Award

Taylor Scholarship

Roberta Taylor Scholarship

TED Fund

TELUS Friendly Future Foundation Social Impact Bursary

Sophia M. terHart-Vittali Scholarship

Kim and Welch Theatre Student Scholarship

Theitis Park Nature Sancturay Association Scholarship

Francis Theron Spirit of the Phoenix Award

Henry and Marian Thiel International Business Award Bursary

Daisie Thirlwall Scholarships in Violin

Jarmila vlasta von Drak Thouvenelle Graduate Schoarships

Jarmila vlasta von Drak Thouvenelle Coop Schoarships

Tiny Entrepreneurship Summit

Trussell Undergraduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (Faculties of Science and Engineering)

Holly Tuokko Undergraduate Research Scholarship


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University of Victoria German Club Jubilee Award

Jack and Shirley Utley Bursary

UVic Retirees Association Award

UVSS BIPOC Public Interest Research Award

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Thea Vakil Scholarship

Vancouver Island Compassion Society Cannabis and Psychedelic Studies Scholarship

Vancouver Island Vikes Men's Basketball Award

Vancouver Security Traders Association (VSTA) Finance Award

Jenny van Dyk Memorial Women’s Field Hockey Award

Sybil Verch Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame Award

VicFounders Award

Victoria B4B Entrepreneurship Award

Victoria Chartered Accountants Association Legacy Scholarship

Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club Graduate Award

Victoria College Craigdarroch Castle Alumni Association Bursaries

Victoria Municipal Chapter, IODE

Victoria Natural History Society Bev Glover Memorial Scholarship

Victoria Natural History Society Alice M. Hay Scholarship

Victoria Natural History Society Samuel Simco Undergraduate Bursary

Victoria Natural History Society Samuel Simco Graduate Bursary

Victoria Natural History Society Freeman F. King Scholarship

Victoria Natural History Society Dennis and Lyndis Davis Scholarship

Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society Award

Victoria Pride Society Bursary

Victoria Real Estate Board Bursary/Scholarship

Vikes Cross Country and Track Alumni Award

Vikes Rugby Challenge Fund

Vikes Women's Basketball Spirit Award

VIPIRG Scholarships

Visca Dais-Visca Scholarship in Public Law

Vizsolyi Vikes Swim Award

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Lindgren Wade Award for Community Engagement

Donald Wagg Scholarship

James H. C. Walker Memorial Award

Max Walker Scholarship in Geography

Robert & Norah Wallace Commemorative Scholarship Robert T. Wallace Award

Scott Wallace Bursary

Courtney Walls Memorial Award

Henry & Michiko Warkentyne Graduate Scholarship in Linguistics

Henry J. Warkentyne Scholarship in Applied Linguistics

Loretta Warnsby Memorial Award in Law

Brittany Waters and Barbara Mervin LeadHERship Award

Joan Watson Memorial Scholarship

Roy E. L. Watson Scholarship in Sociology

Roy E. L. Watson Bursaries in Social Work

Roy E. L. Watson Traffic Safety Prize

Watt Consulting Group 40th Anniversary Award

Maureen Wayne Memorial Bursary

Jeremy & Carolyn Webber Fund for Awards in Law

Mischa Weisz Foundation Youth in Care Cost of Living Award

Ron C. Wells Geological Award

Christine Welsh Scholarship

Stephen and Harriet Wender Scholarship

Weston Family Scholarship in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Westshore Soroptimist Award

Ted Whelen Graduate Scholarships

Ted Whelen Graduate Scholarship in Public Administration

Doug White Vikes Men’s Rowing Award

Fred Whitehouse National Association of Federal Retirees Scholarship

Arthur Whittingham Graduate Student Travel Scholarship

Joyce Wilkinson Bursary

Wally & Florence Wilkinson Memorial Bursaries

Hart Will Graduate Fellowship in Indigenous Governance and Leadership

Anne and Ivor Williams Spain and Latin America Scholarship

Brian Williams Memorial Scholarship

Richard L. Williams Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Trevor John Williams Memorial Award

Dr. John S. Willis Memorial Scholarship in Music

Willow Grove Foundation Fellowship

Clark Wilson Recruitment Inclusion Award

Jean Sally Wilson Scholarship

Frank Wing Memorial Bursary

Winner Medical Young Pioneer in Social Innovation Scholarship

Drew Wolfe-Fraser Memorial Scholarship

Women in Economics Graduate Scholarship

Alan Wong Memorial Bursary in Engineering

Dr. Chi Shing (CS) Wong Memorial Scholarship

Walker Wood Foundation Scholarship in Social Sciences

Zillah (Hobart) Wood Graduate Scholarship in Nursing

Francis Woods Memorial Scholarship

Ted and Jane Wooley Scholarship

Wootton Scholarship in Law

Bob Worth Award in Economics

Wuitchik Family Marine Sciences Awards

Bob Wright Scholarships

Don Wright Scholarships in Music Education

Nancy Wright Scholarship in the School of Nursing

Jamie Chien-Ming Wu Award for Achievement in Biomedical Engineering

Terry J. Wuester Graduation Award in Law

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Xa7limut (Ha-lay-mut) Jack Campo Indigenous Law Award


Norman Yarrow Scholarships in Engineering

Lawrence and Marjorie Yeats Bursary

YLaw Best Lawyering Award

Katharine Youdall Memorial Scholarship

Phillip T. Young Memorial Scholarship in Music

Robert N. & Patricia Young Scholarship

Rosalind W. Young Scholarship

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Dennis, Jerome, and Peter Zachary Award in Ukrainian Studies

Michael & Olga Zachary Scholarship in Ukrainian Studies

Lilia Zaharieva Spirit Award in School of Child & Youth Care

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